Pet Scoop: Shelter Dog Survives Harrowing Highway Ordeal, $5,000 Reward for a Pet Cat

July 27, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Rondo is back at the Flagler Humane Society after being found on I-95 in Florida.
Rondo is happy to be back at the Flagler Humane Society following his frightening highway drama.

Missing Dog Returns to Accident Scene — 11 Days Later

Rondo, a Labrador Retriever mix, was being transported from an adoption event on the back of a pickup truck when his crate’s door opened. The pup was tossed onto I-95 in Florida, and then he was clipped by a passing car, causing him to take off running. Volunteers searched for him for days — until Rondo returned to the scene of the accident 11 days later, and a motorist brought him back to the Flagler Humane Society. "He's the first dog ever to be happy to come back," said a shelter worker. After a few days of TLC, the shelter is hoping to find Rondo a good home. — Read it at Yahoo News

Ann Romney’s Horse Is Under Tight Security in London

Until this year, the Olympic sport of dressage wasn't widely followed. But as Romney's 15-year-old mare, Rafalca, prepares for her dressage competition on August 2, she’s brought a lot of attention to the event — and herself. So Rafalca is being strictly guarded outside of the city to keep her away from the public and the media. — Read it at The New York Times

First Photos of Legendary "Sneezing" Monkeys Turn Up in China

The snub-nosed monkey species' nostrils are so upturned that they can be heard sneezing when it rains. The monkeys were first reported to exist in China in 2010, and scientists now have photographic evidence substantiating this claim. Experts previously thought that the species was just limited to Myanmar. "Our finding of a population of black snub-nosed monkeys was widely celebrated in China," wrote one of the researchers. — See the photo at Live Science

Ivy, a Savannah cat, went missing in San Diego.
Ivy the Savannah cat is missing in San Diego.

Chicago Family Offers Big Reward for Beloved Rare Cat

A Savannah cat named Ivy went missing while he was vacationing with his owners in San Diego. The Fosco family is offering a $5,000 reward for the safe return of Ivy — and they've even hired a bloodhound team to search for the kitty. A first generation Savannah, which is bred by crossing an African Serval with a domestic cat, can cost more than $20,000. But “it’s really got nothing to do with the money in my eyes,” said Paul Fosco, whose son owns the second-generation Savannah. “For people who own pets and are truly in love with them, it’s not just a pet. It’s a member of the family.” — Watch it at ABC News

New Mexico Town Decides Iconic Dog Can Roam (Almost) Free

After a months-long dispute, there’s good news for Blue, the free-spirited Australian Cattle Dog who was abandoned in Elephant Butte, N.M., a decade ago. Officials wanted to subject Blue to the city’s leash law, while his advocates urged officials to allow him to live out his life status quo, hanging out in front of the town's general store. After making national headlines, city officials have changed the law to allow Blue to roam free — within the confines of a wireless fence. — Read it at the Washington Post

Wild Ponies Make Their Annual Swim Across a Virginia Channel

About 125 ponies were herded to the Assateague channel in Virginia for a historic, three-minute swim to Chincoteague Island that has taken place every year since 1925. Some of the foals are then auctioned off by the island’s volunteer fire department at the Chincoteague Carnival. — See the photos at ABC News, and watch the video at USA Today

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