Pet Scoop: Shelter Kitten Helps With Marriage Proposal, Florida Dog Found in New Jersey

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Gandalf delivered a special message from one of his new owners to the other: Will You Marry Me?
Gandalf delivered a special message from one of his new owners to the other: Will You Marry Me?

Man Proposes at Animal Shelter

Kat Woodley thought she was being filmed for an adoption video last week at the SPCA in Erie, New York. A shelter worker asked her to double check her adorable kitten’s new tag to make sure it was correct, and that’s when the big surprise was revealed. Her new kitten’s heart-shaped nametag read, “Will You Marry Me?” Her boyfriend, Jerad Forsyth, soon appeared on one knee to complete the proposal. Apparently Woodley had her suspicions. “Oh I totally knew it,” she laughed as she accepted. Gandalf, the kitty, climbed up her shoulder and then snuggled with Forsyth, too. — Watch it at People Pets

Florida Dog Found 1,200 Miles From Home

Three years after Bella, a Maltese and Pomeranian mix, disappeared from her Florida yard, she was found wandering the streets in Paterson, New Jersey. Owner Bill Gerstein was shocked to get a call from the shelter two days before Thanksgiving, saying they had Bella. “I immediately, within 10 minutes was online and booked a flight,” he said. “As soon as I picked her up, she was like speechless. Shaking, tail-wagging, couldn’t even bark. Just in shock and amazement, as was I.” Bella was back home in time for Thanksgiving with her family, and his children are so happy to have her home, “her feet have barely touched the ground,” said Gerstein. — Read it at New York’s PIX 11

Experts Struggle to Save Endangered Key Deer

In the Florida Keys, an endangered deer species is facing an alarming new threat in a flesh-eating pest called the screwworm. Officials don’t know where the painful pest came from, but they’ve killed 130 deer — 13 percent of the population — in the last two months alone. Experts are working to treat the deer on the island chain with a medication to stop parasites. They’ve also put checkpoints in place so pets can be checked, in an effort to stop the screwworm from moving north, where it could more easily spread to other animals. — Watch it at Florida’s WJHG

 Kijani, an African lion cub whose name means warrior, cuddles with his mom.
Kijani, an African lion cub whose name means warrior, cuddles with his mom.

Lion Cub Snuggles With Mom

An African lion cub was born on Oct. 11 at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo in California to mom Kiki and dad Chisulo. Kiki, an experienced mom, is “taking great care of the cub,” said the zoo’s Nicole Presley. The cub and his mom are bonding behind the scenes at the lion house, and looked quite cuddly in a recent photo shoot. After a naming contest, the zoo announced on Facebook Monday that the cub will be called Kijani, which means warrior. Keepers are monitoring mom and baby with cameras, and they’re likely to be out on exhibit when Kijani is between 8 and 12 weeks old. — See photos at Zooborns

Russell Brand Serenades His Dog

Although a serenade of the theme song from the classic TV show “Cheers” sounds sweet, Russell Brand’s dog Bear didn’t look completely thrilled when he sang it to him. In a video posted to the British comedian’s Facebook page on Sunday, the cute pooch whines and then barks at his singing owner. “Russell Brand annoys his dog by serenading him with theme tunes,” the post reads. You can judge for yourself about whether Bear enjoys the tune. — Watch it at Facebook via Russell Brand


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