Pet Scoop: Smiling Pit Bull Will Stay With Owner, Dogs Break Record at Ballpark

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New owner Dan Tillery poses with a grinning Diggy after his adoption this summer.
New owner Dan Tillery poses with a grinning Diggy after his adoption this summer.

Happy Ending for Smiling Dog

Now Diggy has even more to smile about. In July, a photo of the happy Pit Bull smiling with his new owner went viral. But not all of the attention was positive: the police in Waterford, Michigan, informed owner Dan Tillery that Diggy violated a ban on Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes. On Tuesday, there was good news — the dog’s case was dismissed, and he’ll be allowed to stay with the Tillery family in their Waterford residence, said the Detroit Dog Rescue in a Facebook post. “I’m overjoyed to know that Diggy will be spending the rest of his life where he belongs — with his family,” said the rescue’s director, Kristina Rinaldi. — Read it at People Pets

California Bans Orca Shows and Breeding

After increasing criticism, SeaWorld had already agreed to stop breeding their killer whales at all of their U.S. parks, and to end their famed theatrical shows with the whales. On Tuesday, California ensured the park couldn’t reconsider, and that other parks in the state can’t decide to breed orcas and have them perform. The bill was signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown. The law means that the only orcas allowed to be kept in captivity in the state will be the 11 already grandfathered in at SeaWorld San Diego. SeaWorld is allowed to continue orca shows if they are educational. — Read it at National Geographic

Study: Tropical Crows Among Top Animal Tool Users

A new study suggests the critically endangered Hawaiian crow, or Alalā, is one of the top tool-using species in the animal kingdom. There are only about 100 of the birds left, and they’re all in captivity at the San Diego Zoo’s endangered bird conservation program. “Using tools comes naturally to Alalā,” said project leader Christian Rutz from the University of St. Andrews. “These birds had no specific training prior to our study, yet most of them were incredibly skilled at handling stick tools, and even swiftly extracted bait from demanding tasks.” The handy birds even make their own tools, breaking sticks to just the right size and sharpening the tips to refine them. Later this year, some of the birds will be released to try to re-establish a wild population. This is the second island bird found to be clever at crafting and using tools. The first was the New Caledonia crow, which also lives on a remote tropical island. The study was published in the journal Nature. — Read it at Seeker

The Chicago White Sox broke a Guinness World Record for the number of dogs in attendance at a game.
The Chicago White Sox broke a Guinness World Record for the number of dogs in attendance at a game.

Ballpark Sets Record With Dogs

The Chicago White Sox set a Guinness World Record on Tuesday night, but it didn’t have much to do with baseball. Instead, the team set a new world record for the most dogs attending a sporting event, with 1,122 canines in the stands at Cellular Field. The team needed at least 1,000 dogs and the dogs had to stay in their seats for 10 consecutive minutes for the team to take the record at their 20th annual “Bark at the Park” event. The dogs might have brought some good luck for the home team, too. They beat the Cleveland Indians 8-1 that night. — Read it at ABC News

Raccoon Freed From Peanut Butter Jar

A curious and hungry raccoon got itself into a sticky situation in Florida this week. People at a school who spotted the critter with its head trapped in an empty plastic peanut butter jar called in a Florida Fish and Wildlife officer for help. Lt. Ruggiero found the raccoon about 30 feet up in a tree, and called in local firefighters. Before they could arrive, the officer was able to catch the raccoon as it was shimmying down the tree. With gloves and a towel, he successfully removed the jar and released the peanut butter-scented animal. — See photos from Florida Fish and Wildlife via Facebook


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