Pet Scoop: Sneaky Cat Steals Neighbors’ Toys and Shoes, Tom Brady Gets a New Dog

May 26, 2015: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Snorri stands on a table filled with the loot he's stolen from his Oregon neighbors.
Snorri stands on a table filled with the loot he's stolen from his Oregon neighbors.

Cat Steals Pairs of Shoes

Snorri might take the prize for the cutest cat burglar. If you live near the 2-year-old kitty, you should think twice before leaving your belongings outside unattended — especially shoes. “Every other night or so he brings in something that he's stolen from the neighbors,” said Snorri’s owner, Gabbie Hendel. He’s been doing this since he was 6 months old, but recently, he’s become more brazen, Hendel said. Snorri started out with pieces of trash before moving on to kids’ toys, and now, shoes. “I don't know what's more impressive, getting them both at once or going back for the second one,” Hendel said. Snorri has successfully snagged several pairs, and Hendel has been busy trying to keep up with him to get the items back to their rightful owners. She posts pictures of the stolen goods on Instagram or her neighborhood’s Facebook page. “He's so proud of himself that it's pretty cute,” Hendel said. — Watch it at Fox 12 Oregon

New York Considers Allowing Dogs to Dine With Owners

In Los Angeles, it’s common to see canine companions at the feet of their owners while they’re eating on a restaurant patio. Now, a new law before the New York State legislature would loosen health restrictions, allowing pooches to sit with their owners in restaurants’ back gardens and sidewalk patios. Although many establishments already allow owners to tie their dogs up near their sidewalk tables, the bill would allow them to sit under the table. While many dog owners are thrilled with the idea, there are some detractors who don’t want to dine around dogs. — Read it at The New York Times

Study: “New Girl” Chimps Form Stronger Bonds

Female chimps are loners compared with males, but new research finds that low-ranking females were more likely to seek each other out than females from other social ranks. The researchers are still determining whether the pairs are really buddies, friends of convenience or just acquaintances. "It doesn't necessarily mean that they like each other," said study co-author Steffen Foerster of Duke University. "The lowest-ranking females are the newest to arrive. When a female migrates into a new group, she starts at the bottom of the social ladder. It may be that they're not really that into each other, but that they need to tolerate being in the same space.” The study will be published in the July issue of the journal Animal Behaviour. — Read it at Science Daily

Embattled New England Patriots quarterback gets some love from his new dog.
Embattled New England Patriots quarterback gets some love from his new dog.

Tom Brady Introduces New Pup

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has had a tough month. He’s fighting a four-game suspension for his alleged role in the “deflategate” controversy surrounding the game that sent his team to the Super Bowl earlier this year. But, now he has someone in his corner who’s sure to be as loyal as his fans: an adorable new dog named Scooby. Brady’s wife, former supermodel Gisele Bündchen, revealed the pup’s arrival in a post on Instagram Sunday. She shared a photo of the dog kissing Brady with the caption, “our newest family member, Scooby.” Scooby joins the family’s Pit Bull mix, Lua. — Read it at People Pets

Baby Hippo Swims With Mom

At 8 weeks old, Devi the hippo is venturing farther into the pool at her San Diego Zoo enclosure — and mom is never far behind. In a sweet new video, she surprises visitors with what looks like a game of peek-a-boo, while her mom, Funani, gently nudges her into shallower water. Hippo moms are known for being very protective — and guests have only recently been able to catch a glimpse of Devi. During the first six weeks after she was born, it was even hard for Devi’s keepers to see her because Funani often had her tucked into vegetation and kept her body between her baby and the public. — Watch it at YouTube, read it from the San Diego Zoo blog and see more cute zoo baby photos


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