Pet Scoop: Starving Lab Pup Found Weeks After Crash, Puppy Rescued From Trash Bag

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Tucker survived for three weeks in the Maine woods after suffering an injury in a car crash.
Tucker survived for three weeks in the Maine woods after suffering an injury in a car crash.

Puppy Survives 3 Weeks in Woods

Tucker, a 7-month-old Labrador Retriever, was thrown from his owner’s minivan in a rollover crash last month in Maine. The scared puppy then ran off into the woods, and his family spent weeks working to find him. For two weeks, he was apparently hiding, and there were no sightings of him, said Maine Lost Dog Recovery in a Facebook post last week. “Then Tucker did what almost all dogs lost under these circumstances do: he returned to the scene of the accident!” the post read. “His family did not once give up on him. They did everything right: flyers, camera, feeding station, and then finally a trap. They drove great distances to do all of this and their hard work paid off.” Tucker suffered from a leg injury in the crash and lost a significant amount of weight during his time in the woods, but he’s recovering and back home with his “loving and relieved family,” the group said. — Read it at Maine’s WGME

First Documented Identical Twin Puppies Born

An Irish Wolfhound in South Africa surprised veterinarians when she gave birth via C-section to identical twin puppies. Veterinarian Kurt de Cramer found two puppy fetuses with umbilical cords connected to the same placenta. Normally, puppies each have their own placenta. The puppies were the same gender and had very similar markings. DNA testing later confirmed that the puppies were genetically identical. Of course, it’s unclear how often identical puppies are born because owners aren’t likely to count the number of placentas or to do DNA testing. “It has taken so long for us to find a monozygotic [identical] pair, so they are probably rare,” said Carolynne Joone of Australia’s James Cooke University. “But so many of them will have been born naturally and blissfully unaware.” The twins’ birth was documented in the journal Reproduction in Domestic Animals. — Read it at Discovery News

Survey Finds 30 Percent Drop in African Elephant Numbers

The Great Elephant Census, a highly anticipated count of Africa’s savanna elephants, found that their numbers have plummeted 30 percent. The aerial survey was the most comprehensive yet and covered 18 African countries. The overwhelming loss from poaching is estimated at about 27,000 elephants each year. “In 10 years’ time we could lose 50 percent of Africa’s remaining elephants,” because poaching is so severe, said Mike Chase, the principal researcher for the census and the founder of Elephants Without Borders. The results were published in the journal PeerJ. — Read it at National Geographic

A black Lab puppy who was cruelly left in a trash bag was saved by a Good Samaritan.
A black Lab puppy who was cruelly left in a trash bag was saved by a Good Samaritan.

Woman Rescues Pup From Bag

Malissa Lewis was afraid to approach the black trash bag she saw moving around on the side of a back road in Kentucky while she was on her way to work last week. She recorded video as she approached the bag — but it turned out that she had no need to be afraid. Inside, she was shocked and horrified to find an adorable 8-week-old black Labrador Retriever mix puppy who’d been cruelly abandoned. Thankfully, an animal control officer said the happy and healthy puppy appeared to have only been inside the bag for 15 to 20 minutes before Lewis came along and saved her life. Lewis was outraged by the puppy’s treatment, and has made her part of her family. Local law enforcement is investigating the puppy’s treatment and said the culprit would face felony charges. — Read it at Inside Edition via Yahoo

Rare Baby Gorilla Makes Debut

An endangered western lowland gorilla was born Friday at the Philadelphia Zoo to mom Honi, 21, and dad Motuba, 31, a silverback. This is the pair’s first offspring together, and Honi’s second baby. The cute little one made its public debut on Wednesday. “Given Honi’s experience, we’re not surprised she’s been a great mother so far, but we’re very pleased that both she and the baby appear healthy,” Dr. Andy Baker, the zoo’s chief operating officer.The zoo plans to ask the public for help in naming the baby once they’re able to determine its gender. — Watch it at CBS News


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