Pet Scoop: Stolen Dog Reunited with Family, Rare Giraffe Twins Born in San Francisco

September 2, 2014: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Carjacked Dog Returned Safely to Owner

When April Doidge’s car was stolen a few weeks ago with her 2-year-old dog, Chanel, inside, she was afraid she’d lost her pup forever. But after seeing the story on the news, a local man came forward, explaining a stranger had offered him the dog, claiming that his grandmother could no longer care for it. While the car thieves are still at large, Chanel is home where she belongs. "I have my dog back. And that's what I wanted. That's the most important," Doidge said. — Read it at Komo News

Russian Bank Offers Cats with New Mortgages

In a quirky effort to promote its mortgage services, Russian bank Sberbank is offering to deliver cats to the doorsteps of its new homeowners — but only to visit for a few hours. In Russia, it’s considered good luck if a cat enters a home before the new owners take possession. While the idea of a loaner cat may seem charming, naysayers believe the bank is just trying to warm up its image after getting slapped with sanctions a month ago. Regardless, a few clients have already signed up and are awaiting their cat loans. — Read it at CNN Money

Study: Five New “Flying Monkeys" Found

Researchers have discovered five new species of “flying monkeys," or sakis, in the Amazon rain forest. The monkeys, who are known to sail effortlessly from treetop to treetop, are notoriously shy and stealthy. “They vocalize in grunts,chirps, whistles, and low calls, but can be exceptionally quietwhen sneaking away from a perceived threat such as a fieldresearcher,” behavioral ecologist Laura Marsh wrote in the study. The study was published in the journal Neotropical Primates. — Read it at National Geographic

Surviving Giraffe Twin Doing Well

Twin male giraffe calves were born last week at the San Francisco Zoo, but only one has survived.A rare occurrence, this was only the 10th recorded live birth of giraffe twins worldwide. “This is a bitter-sweet announcement to make, but this very unique twin birth is something for all of the Bay Area to take pride in,” San Francisco Zoo President Tanya Peterson said. “We hope everyone will come share their best wishes with Bititi [the calf’s mother] and give a warm welcome to our newest resident.” — Read it at ABC 7News.

Carrie Underwood’s Dogs Help with Baby Announcement

Singer Carrie Underwood took to Twitter yesterday for a big announcement: She and her husband, hockey player Mike Fisher, are expecting a baby! The couple enlisted their current fur babies to help share the news on Twitter. “In honor of 'Labor' Day," Underwood wrote, "Ace & Penny would like to make an announcement. Their parents couldn't be happier!” Underwood's tweet was accompanied by a picture of her dogs, Ace and Penny, wearing “I’m going to be a big brother” and “I’m going to be a big sister” T-shirts. — Read it at Today

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