Pet Scoop: Stranded Woman Reunited With Escaped Cat, Puppy Comforts Cheetah Cub

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Mokey was reunited with Jeannette Haskins after surviving five weeks lost in the woods.
Mokey was reunited with Jeannette Haskins after surviving five weeks lost in the woods.

Cat Survives a Month in Woods

Jeannette Haskins and her cat made it through quite an ordeal over the summer. Mokey, a 4-year-old gray tabby, was with Haskins, 87, in July when she made a wrong turn on a trip from her home in New Jersey to visit her daughter in Maryland. Her car got stuck on a dirt road, and she was stranded in the woods for several days before soldiers training at a nearby base happened to come across her while they were on a scouting mission. During the time she was in her car, Mokey climbed out of an open window. Haskins’ daughter set out food and traps in the area where Mokey disappeared, and finally found him on August 29 — five weeks after he took off. “He ran right to me and started rubbing his head against me,” Haskins said of their reunion. “Now, he just will not leave me alone. He wants to be on me every minute.” Mokey lost weight during his adventure, but is otherwise healthy. — Read it from the AP via the New Jersey Herald

Biggest Gorilla Close to Extinction

Eastern gorillas were moved from endangered to critically endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List, joining their sister species, the Western gorilla. That means four of the six species of great apes are now rated critically endangered thanks to illegal poaching and habitat loss. Illegal hunting in the Democratic Republic of Congo has wiped out 70 percent of Eastern gorillas in the past two decades. — Read it at Reuters via Yahoo

Rehabilitated Elephant Shows Off Calf

Hours after she delivered her first baby, rehabilitated orphan Galana proudly brought her to visit her former keepers in Kenya’s Nairobi National Park. Five wild bulls escorted Galana and her baby to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, where other ex-orphans and those who are currently in the trust’s care met the calf. “They were so excited and overcome with joy of a new baby in the fold, trumpeting and charging around celebrating,” the trust said in a Facebook post. “Throughout the day Galana was surrounded by ex-orphans and wild elephants alike who have taken on the role of nanny to newborn Gawa.” Gawa means to share in Swahili — and the trust said their ex-orphans “always share the joy of their newborn babies with us, their human family.” — See photos from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust via Facebook

Emmett the cheetah cuddles with his new pal, Cullen the puppy.
Emmett the cheetah cuddles with his new pal, Cullen the puppy.

Cheetah Cub Meets His Puppy

Emmett, a 10-week-old cheetah cub who recovered from pneumonia, has made fast friends with his new companion puppy, 7-week-old Cullen. The cheetah was born at The Wilds in Cumberland, Ohio, and was hand-reared for several weeks due to his illness. Once he recovered, Emmett was moved to the Columbus Zoo. Cheetah cubs are often paired with puppies because they help them become more confident and calm, and these two make an extra cute team. The pair will soon begin traveling with the Columbus Zoo’s team of animal ambassadors. — Read it at Zooborns

Beyoncé Shares Photos of Puppy

Superstar Beyoncé and her husband, Jay Z, have adopted a fluffy white puppy for their daughter, 4-year-old Blue Ivy. The singer shared photos of her new family member on Instagram as she and Blue Ivy kicked off Labor Day weekend. The pup looked like it fit right in, strolling with the stylish mom and daughter duo in New York City and resting on a park bench together. Later in the weekend, the family headed to Camp David in Maryland to celebrate Beyoncé’s 35th birthday with first lady Michelle Obama and her daughters. — Read it at CBS News


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