Pet Scoop: Stunning Endangered Zebra Filly Makes Debut, John Stamos Mourns His Dog

August 19, 2016: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

An endangered Grevy's zebra filly was born at the Toronto Zoo last month.
An endangered Grevy's zebra filly was born at the Toronto Zoo last month.

Rare Zebra Born in Toronto

An endangered Grevy’s zebra filly who was born at the Toronto Zoo to mom Tori on July 26 and made her public debut on Thursday. Her keepers report she started to walk 10 minutes after her birth, fulfilling an important milestone, and she’s “already starting to develop her own strong and confident personality.” The zebra species is primarily found in Kenya and Ethiopia, and the threats they face in the wild include loss of grazing habitat, hunting and disease. She joins a 2-year-old sister, Leia, at the zoo — and at least one of the zoo’s Facebook fans suggested naming the new little one Rey, for a Star Wars theme. — See photos from the Toronto Zoo via Facebook

Atlanta Panda’s Pregnancy Confirmed

There’s exciting news for another endangered species, too! On Tuesday, Zoo Atlanta confirmed with an ultrasound that its panda Lun Lun is expecting a cub. The panda was artificially inseminated in March. The image, along with Lun Lun’s hormone levels and her behavior, suggest a birth could take place within three weeks — so the zoo will go on panda watch Monday, monitoring the panda mom around the clock. Still, officials are cautiously optimistic, as the possibility that the pregnancy could fail remains. This would be the 6th cub for the experienced 18-year-old mom and her partner, Yang Yang, who’s also 18. Their most recent offspring are the only surviving giant panda twins born in the U.S., 3-year-olds Mei Lun and Mei Huan. — Read it from Zoo Atlanta

Study: Birds Know How to Reel in Food With String

Several animals have passed a test to see if they could figure out how to pull a piece of twine to get to a treat. Kangaroos, dogs, lemurs and gorillas are among the species that have pulled the twine and passed a variation of the test — and now a new study shows the bullfinch and the Carib grackle of Barbados were also able to successfully perform the task. The task was especially challenging for birds, who had to clutch the string with their beaks and then hold the slack with a foot while they went back for another pull with their beaks. The study was published in the journal PLOS ONE. — Read it at National Geographic

John Stamos shared this photo with the sad news that his dog Linka had died.
John Stamos shared this photo with the sad news that his dog Linka had died.

John Stamos Posts Tribute to Dog

“Fuller House” actor John Stamos shared a photo of his beloved German Shepherd, Linka, on Instagram on Wednesday, along with the sad news that she’d recently passed away. “She was always there, especially in the dark times. Never judging. By my side. Only loyal. #rip Linka,” he wrote. Stamos often posted photos of Linka and his other dog, Frieda, by the pool with him, although he once joked to Us Weekly that he tries to protect Linka’s privacy. “I have a dog that I love a lot but I don’t talk about her publicly. She’s very sensitive when it comes to press,” he said. — Read it at Today

Raccoons in State Capitol Caught on Video

Surveillance footage captured two masked bandits sneaking down a hallway in the Oklahoma Capitol building after rummaging through a senator’s office and splashing around in a bathroom. The destructive intruders were a pair of raccoons. A cleaning crew caught them red-handed and trapped them in a bathroom until animal control officers could come and collect them on Wednesday night. “They didn't have any ID on them, no known address,” joked Oklahoma Highway Patrol Capt. John Paul. The sneaky critters were taken to a local wildlife sanctuary. — Watch it at Oklahoma City’s KOCO


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