Pet Scoop: Tank Wins Beautiful Bulldog Crown, Puppy Pulled From Pipe in Dramatic Rescue

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Tank takes home the crown in Drake University's 36th annual Beautiful Bulldog contest in Iowa.
Tank takes home the crown in Drake University's 36th annual Beautiful Bulldog contest in Iowa.

Tank Takes Bulldog Contest

Looking sturdy, if slobbery, a 2-year-old English Bulldog was quite content to sit on the throne after winning Drake University’s 36th annual Beautiful Bulldog contest Sunday in Iowa. Duane Smith of Des Moines adopted the prize-winning pooch last year and says he knew he could be a winner. "He loves to play tug of war, he's friendly with the neighbors — he's a great dog,” said Smith. Tank was chosen from among 50 competitors. While many of the contestants were dressed in elaborate costumes, Tank went “au natural” — and it worked. "Tank has just got a great look to him," said Drake University Athletic Director Sandy Hatfield Clubb, who was one of the judges. "Great coloring, nice stature, that classic bulldog face with bottom tooth that sticks out just right. And he's kind and gentle, which is equally important." Tank will now become the official mascot of the 106th Drake Relays. — Read it from Drake University

Sea Lion Pup Abducted From Los Angeles Beach

A witness told police officers that a baby sea lion was kidnapped from Dockweiler State Beach in Los Angeles at about 3:30 a.m. Sunday by a group in their 20s who had been harassing the animal. Police said the two men and two women wrapped the pup in a blanket and left with it in a black Honda Civic. Officers and animal rescuers who arrived on the scene found a second 10-month-old sea lion who’d managed to escape and hide in some nearby bushes. Peter Wallerstein of Marine Animal Rescue, who picked up the second pup, warned the alleged kidnappers that sea lions might look cute but they’re wild animals with a vicious bite. The Marine Mammal Protection Act makes feeding and harassing sea lions illegal. The alleged attackers and kidnappers could face up to $10,000 in fines and a year in jail time. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is investigating the case. Sea lion strandings have reached record numbers along the California coastline this year. — Watch it at NBC Los Angeles and see what you should do if you find a sea lion pup

Seattle Elephants Make Pit Stop in San Diego

Chai, 36, and Bamboo, 48, set off Friday night from Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo for a new life at the Oklahoma City Zoo. But the Asian elephants’ custom-built transport truck was diverted to the San Diego Zoo because of the severe weather in Colorado and Wyoming. The elephants are now resting in quarantine at the San Diego Zoo. “Understandably, just as after a long road trip ourselves, both elephants are tired and show signs of muscle stiffness. They both need the time to walk around, stretch their legs, and adjust to their new surroundings. We don’t know how long our elephants will stay at San Diego Zoo. We want to give them time to rest comfortably,” said Martin Ramirez of Woodland Park Zoo. The elephants were originally set to arrive at the Oklahoma zoo Friday, but it’s unclear when they will get there at this point. — Read it at Seattle’s KING 5

Blue, a 9-week-old Pomeranian, was pulled from a pipe in Maryland after a 7-hour rescue operation.
Blue, a 9-week-old Pomeranian, was pulled from a pipe in Maryland after a 7-hour rescue operation.

Puppy Saved After 7 Hours in Pipe

It took a big operation to free a little puppy from a pipe in Silver Spring, Maryland, over the weekend. Montgomery County firefighters were called to the scene Saturday night when Blue, a 9-week-old Pomeranian puppy, fell into a 6-inch pipe and got stuck about 12 feet below the ground. Crews brought in heavy equipment to dig a large hole to get to the puppy. In the meantime, they provided the pup with food and oxygen. Finally, they were able to remove Blue at about 1:30 a.m. Sunday, after an extensive 7-hour rescue. Blue’s owner was relieved to be reunited with her puppy after standing by firefighters’ sides throughout the operation. — See photos at Washington, D.C.’s WJLA

Pug Runs Her Own “Marathon”

After her owner Julia McGovern runs in today’s 119th Boston Marathon, Alice the Pug puppy plans to run a race of her own to raise money for the non-profit Pug Rescue of New England. “Big Al,” as she’s known, will run .262 miles on her little legs, in reference to a marathon’s 26.2 miles. McGovern, 24, recently moved to California, but until then, she’d lived in Hopkington, Massachusetts, which is home to the Boston Marathon’s starting line. Alice will do her run once she returns to California, and McGovern plans to share a video of the pup’s race. In the meantime, Alice is “training” — and has already surpassed her goal of raising $2,000 through her DreamFund page. — Read it at Today


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