Pet Scoop: Tearful 6-Year-Old Gets His Dog Back, Mountain Lion Kittens Discovered in Den

Jan. 18, 2016: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Kahne Williams had a tearful reunion with his missing dog, Kase.
Kahne Williams had a tearful reunion with his missing dog, Kase.

Sweet Reunion Caught on Video

Paula Williams captured the heart-melting moment when her son, Kahne, 6, had a surprise reunion with his best friend, who’d been missing for a month. The family let their dog, Kase, outside of their Lubbock, Texas, home on Dec. 4 to go to the bathroom, and he disappeared. They searched all over and couldn’t find Kase, and were especially worried about him when a huge blizzard hit the area. Then, as Williams was waiting behind a stopped school bus on Jan. 8, she saw a dog run up to greet two girls who got off the bus — and realized it was Kase! "The family said that the dog had come to their house, so they took him in, fed him and gave him a warm place to say," Williams said. "If they wouldn't have taken him in we don't know what would have happened." The family returned the dog to Williams, and she brought Kase to be reunited with Kahne. “I have a surprise for you … look, who’s that?” Williams can be heard asking her son in the video. “Kase? Kase! Kase, I missed you,” the stunned boy cries. Williams said she posted the video to her city’s Lost and Found Pets Facebook page to give others hope that they might find their pets, too, and didn’t expect it to go viral. — Watch it at Today

Anderson Cooper Donates Ballistic Vests for Police Dogs

Days after a Norfolk, Virginia, police K9 died in a shootout at a domestic violence call, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper stepped forward to donate lifesaving ballistic vests for all of the department’s dogs. It’s believed that K9 Krijger, a 4-year-old Belgian Malinois, could have survived if he was wearing a vest. The vests cost more than $2,000 each, and Cooper donated them through the Virginia charity Spike’s K9 Fund. He had interviewed the charity’s founder in 2015 and stayed in touch. Cooper is set to speak at an event in Norfolk later this month, and the money he gave the group was his speaking fee. “We are at a loss for words. Following the passing of K-9 Krijger earlier this week, CNN's Anderson Cooper has donated enough money to get a vest for every K9 at the Norfolk PD. Truly amazing,” the Hampton Police posted on Facebook last week. — Read it at Bark Post

ASPCA Map Shows Top Toxins by State

Thousands of pet owners call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center for help each year, and the center’s experts have noticed patterns showing where in the country pets are more likely to ingest certain potential poisons. For example, in California the top call is about chocolate, in much of the middle of the country it’s rat poison, and in a handful of states it’s ibuprofen, just to name a few. You can check the map to see which toxin gets the most calls in your state — and you might be able to keep your pet safer with that knowledge. — See the map from the ASPCA

Two adorable mountain lion kittens were found tucked away in a den in the Santa Monica Mountains.
Two adorable mountain lion kittens were found tucked away in a den in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Mountain Lion Kittens Found in Den

Tucked away in a hidden den in the Santa Monica Mountains in California, National Park Service biologists found two feisty and adorable mountain lion kittens. The babies were found in December, and the video they took of them was posted online last week. In the video, the pair, who were officially named P-46 and P-47, hiss at the humans as they huddle closely together. It’s believed their mom is P-19, a mountain lion who’s been tracked in the area since 2010. Officials are hopeful that their dad is P-45, who’s new to the region, but it will take DNA testing to determine that. “We continue to see successful reproduction, which indicates that the quality of the natural habitat is high for such a relatively urbanized area,” said Jeff Sikich, a biologist for Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. “But, these kittens have many challenges ahead of them, from evading other mountain lions, to crossing freeways, to dealing with exposure to rat poison.” — Watch it at Discovery News

Manny the Cat Snaps Super Selfies

Manny has clearly earned his nickname: Selfie Cat. The rescued gray kitty from Arizona shows off his talents with a GoPro camera on his owner’s Instagram, and they’ve been making waves all over the Internet. Manny stands out among his family’s four dogs and four cats. He’s "probably the most intelligent, inquisitive cat we've ever had," said his owner, Yorem Ahm. "He is very curious, and whenever I take pics of my dogs, he basically 'photobombs' the camera and tries to take it from me." Ahm isn’t giving away any secrets on exactly how Selfie Cat works his magic with the camera. — See photos at ABC News


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