Pet Scoop: Terrier Rescued After Solo Bus Ride, Lab Saved After Days on Lake Erie

March 23, 2015: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Metro, a Boston Terrier, boarded a bus in Houston and rode 20 miles downtown by himself.
Metro, a Boston Terrier, boarded a bus in Houston and rode 20 miles downtown by himself.

Dog Boards Houston Bus

Passengers on Bus 44 were perplexed when a friendly Boston Terrier boarded with them, and got off with the rest of the humans when they arrived in downtown Houston on Tuesday after a 20-mile ride. One concerned passenger brought the dog, who’s been nicknamed Metro, to Metro Police Officer Ida Schoener. "He was a very friendly little guy. He was very sociable. But he was a gentleman," Schoener said. She brought him to the Bayou City Veterinary Hospital, which has been trying to find his owner. They said the dog is healthy and was wearing a unique collar that they’ll ask anyone to comes to claim him to describe. "I would expect that he's probably missing home as much as they're missing him," said Bayou City veterinarian Kristy Kyle. For now, he’s staying with a foster family, the clinic said in a Facebook update Sunday. If his owner doesn’t come forward, he’ll go to the Boston Terrier Rescue of Greater Houston. — Watch it at Washington’s WUSA9

Wood Bison Headed for Release in Alaska

The wood bison went extinct in Alaska more than a century ago. Now, officials are hoping to change that by reintroducing the species in the southwestern part of the state. On Sunday, 30 juvenile wood bison were flown to the rural village of Shageluk. In several weeks, 70 more bison will join them. Once they’ve acclimated, they’ll all be released into the Inoko Flats, where wood bison once roamed. This summer, another 20 bulls will arrive in the area on a barge. The animals, which are larger than plains bison, are native to Alaska and Canada. — Read it from AP via Yahoo

Attorney Argues Chimps Deserve Rights of “Persons”

At the TED Conference in Canada on Friday, Steven Wise, president of the Nonhuman Rights Project, discussed his argument that apes, chimps, elephants and orcas are entitled to the rights of "persons" under the law. "Personhood is not a biological concept, it is a public policy concept," Wise said. "The legal system decides it; human being is not synonymous with person … We are going state by state, animal by animal and we are going to lose a lot before we start to win," he said. — Read it at

A TV news crew came to the rescue of a dog who was trapped on the ice on Lake Erie for several days.
A TV news crew came to the rescue of a dog who was trapped on the ice on Lake Erie for several days.

Dog Saved From Lake Erie

A young black Labrador Retriever was saved from the ice on Lake Erie Friday, thanks to a TV news crew. Kimberly had been trapped on the ice for several days. On Thursday, local rescue crews and even the Coast Guard tried to help him, but the frightened dog kept running away from them. Finally, on Friday, a news crew from WKYC partnered with an airboat company and successfully got Kimberly back to land. Those on board said when they found Kimberly, she ran toward them and jumped aboard the boat. She was later reunited with her owner. — Watch it at Ohio’s NBC4i

Ariana Grande Sponsors Dog Adoptions

When she made her debut at New York’s Madison Square Garden this weekend, pop star Ariana Grande shared the love with dogs who needed homes. The singer partnered with BarkBox and Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue to help 15 puppies find forever homes. The pups were shown on the big screen between sets with links for more information on how to adopt them — and Grande had already covered all of the adoption fees. "Thank you for having a heart and helping these precious babes find homes," she in a statement posted on Twitter Thursday. Grande, 21, has two dogs of her own at home. No word yet on how many of the puppies were adopted. — Read it at People Pets


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