Pet Scoop: Texas Pooch Mysteriously Found in Ohio, Miley Cyrus’s Dog Floyd Dies

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Corbin was found 1,100 miles from his Texas home, just four days after his disappeared.
Cincinnati's Local 12
Corbin was found 1,100 miles from his Texas home, just four days after his disappeared.

Dog Found 1,100 Miles From Home

Corbin, a Chihuahua and Dachshund mix, dug a hole under the fence in his backyard in Killeen, Texas, on March 25. Four days later, he was found tied to a bench outside the Animal Friends Humane Society shelter — 1,100 miles away, in Hamilton, Ohio. But how Corbin got there remains a mystery. The shelter brought the 3-year-old dog inside and scanned his microchip to find his owner. "It sounds like one of those too good to be true stories," said owner Mike Saiz. "This isn't the first time he dug a hole under the fence. One time he was waiting for us on our front porch and the other two times we had to pick him up from the local pound." Authorities are looking for the woman seen on a surveillance video dropping him off at the shelter in the middle of the night. When Corbin’s story was shared on Facebook by a Texas TV station, a woman from Killeen who was in Ohio offered to drive the pooch home. Corbin and his family were reunited last night, and his owners plan to make sure he doesn’t escape again. It was a bit of good news for his hometown, which is also the location of Fort Hood, the military base where a deadly shooting took place on Wednesday. — Read it at the Cincinnati Enquirer and watch it at Cincinnati’s Local 12

Sharks Use All Their Senses to Hunt Prey

A new study finds that even if a shark is blindfolded or its nose is plugged, it can still use the rest of its senses to track down something to eat. Researchers tried blocking each one of the senses in blacktip, bonnethead and nurse sharks while they went after prey in an artificial flow channel inside the Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, Fla. While the sharks turned out to be more adaptable than the researchers expected, scientists are concerned about pollutants damaging sharks’ eyes and noses. The study was published in the journal PLOS ONE. — Read it at Discovery News

Cat Found in Donated Couch

Pauline and Bill Lowe donated their old sofa to charity in England — but they didn’t mean to give away their cat, too. The Lowes didn’t realize that 10-year-old Crockett had crawled inside the couch before workers came to collect the donated furniture. They searched everywhere for him while he kept quiet and hidden inside the couch as it sat for four days at the St. Luke’s Hospice charity shop before being bought by another couple. Once they got the sofa home, they noticed meowing sounds coming from inside it. “On further investigation of the sofa they saw two claws poking out of the material which moved away when touched,” said Jenny Munro, manager for St. Luke’s. They had to rip some material under the couch to get Crockett out. After giving him some food and water, they called the shop, and Munro contacted the Lowes. “We noticed Crockett was missing straight away but could not think where he might have gone,” said Pauline Lowe. “He doesn’t go anywhere so I was really worried.” She said they are “delighted” to have him home. — Read it from the U.K.’s Daily Mail

Miley Cyrus has been sharing her devastation about the death of her dog Floyd with her fans.
Miley Cyrus has been sharing her devastation about the death of her dog Floyd with her fans.

Miley Cyrus Grieves for Her Dog

The singer announced via Twitter on Tuesday that one of her dogs, Floyd, had passed away. "I don't wanna say it because I don't want it to be real... But my precious baby Floyd has passed away. I am broken," she wrote. She warned fans in Boston that she might not be herself for her performance there on Wednesday night. Her “loss loomed large through the show,” according to a review in the Boston Herald today. Cyrus mentioned Floyd several times, asking for her fans’ support and calling it “the hardest day of my life.” Cyrus, who lost her dog Lila two year ago, has three other rescue dogs at home. — Read it at People Pets

Zoo Offers a Play Date With Otter Pups

Sign us up! Colorado’s Pueblo Zoo has a unique offer to reel in donations — but you have to be a big spender. The first two people to give the zoo a $500 contribution will get the chance to hold its three newborn otter pups and help with their wellness checks. The pups were born to mom Freyja on March 3. “It’s an opportunity for people to get an up close look at what happens with otters and at a zoo,” said spokeswoman Abigail Krause.The pups are expected to make their public debut this summer. — Read it at ABC News

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