Pet Scoop: Thousands Offer to Adopt “Saddest Dog,” Elephants Use Trunks as Leaf Blowers

Nov. 6, 2015: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Lana was so sad to be returned to a rescue group but is now happy in her foster home.
Lana was so sad to be returned to a rescue group but is now happy in her foster home.

3,000 Apply to Adopt Sad Dog

A dog who was pictured looking so heartbroken in her shelter kennel that social media deemed her the “saddest dog in the world” may soon have a happy ending. The viral photo was posted two weeks ago by the Canadian group Rescue Dogs Match. It shows Lana, a Labrador Retriever mix, sitting dismally in her kennel after she was returned to the rescue by a family she’d lived with for about a year, since she was about 5 months old. They said she had snapped at one of the children. "She fell into a deep depression and totally shut down," said the rescue’s found, Brenda Dobranski. "We placed her in a foster home, where she is doing much better.” Well, Lana’s looking so happy now, you wouldn’t know it was the same dog — and the group has gotten more than 3,000 emails from people interested in giving her a permanent home. The rescue is helping evaluate any aggression behavior she may have, and explained the family did the right thing by returning her to them to find her a new home if they couldn’t keep her. — Read it at Today

Study: Elephants May Use Trunks Like “Leaf Blowers”

Researchers found that two Asian elephants at a Japanese zoo sometimes blow air through their trunks to move food closer to themselves, making it easier to eat. "By blowing air through their trunks to obtain inaccessible food, the elephants appear to exhibit an advanced understanding of their physical environment," said study leader Kaori Mizuno. "Their skills to manipulate air might be related to those elephants commonly use, such as blowing for self-comfort and acoustic communication." A video of one of their experiments shows one of the elephants blowing air at a wall, in order to push some leaves closer to itself to eat. The study was published in the journal Animal Cognition. — Watch it at Discovery News

Rescuers Free Entangled Baby Whale

Witnesses in Australia realized a humpback whale calf was caught in a shark net when they saw its mother trying to save it. She would repeatedly push the calf up to the water’s surface to help it breathe. Luckily, a team of rescuers was able to brave rough waters this week and free the baby from the net. “It’s the most intimidating thing I’ve ever dealt with in my life,” said one lifeguard of the rescue operation. Shark nets are submerged in the waters off some beaches in Australia in an effort to prevent shark attacks, but the practice has long been criticized because of the danger they pose to other marine animals. — Watch it at Reuters via Science Daily

This adorable trio of lion cubs born at the Indianapolis Zoo will be named with the public's help.
This adorable trio of lion cubs born at the Indianapolis Zoo will be named with the public's help.

Lion Cub Triplets Need Names

The Indianapolis Zoo wants the public’s help in naming its adorable trio of African lion cubs. The two males and one female were born to first-time parents Zuri and Nyack on Sept. 21. Voters can choose their favorite out of six potential monikers, and the three that get the most votes by the end of this month will be the cubs’ names. The choices are Enzi (ehn-ZEE), which means “powerful;” Mashaka (mash-AH-kah) meaning “troublemaker;” Zuberi (zuw-BEH-ree) or “strong;” Leland (LEE-lahnd) or “meadowland;” Sukari (sue-CAR-ee) meaning “sweet;” and Niara (nee-AH-rah) which translates to “one with high purpose.” The cubs’ names will be revealed on Dec. 1. — Read it at Zooborns and vote via Facebook, and see more cute baby animal photos

Snowy Owl Rescued From Brewery Smokestack

A beautiful snowy owl was found in an unused smokestack at the Titletown Brewing Company in Wisconsin this week, and now has a limited edition brew named for him: Snowy Session Owl IPA. The state’s Department of Natural Resources was able to rescue the wayward owl from the brewery, and he’s now being rehabilitated at the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary. Titletown Brewery said it will donate 50 cents from each pint of the brew it sells to the sanctuary. — Read it at People Pets


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