Pet Scoop: Tiny Puppy Freed From Pipe, Romney Protesters Head For Westminster

February 14, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Dachshund mix puppy rescued from drain pipe
This Dachshund mix puppy survived a 12-hour stint stuck in a drainpipe.

Pup Rescued From Drainpipe After 12-Hour Ordeal

It took members of the Michigan Humane Society, a plumbing company and an excavation company to save a puppy, believed to be a 4-week-old Dachshund mix, from an underground drainpipe. Workers had to dig a 7-foot trench to reach the whimpering puppy, who'd been trapped for 12 hours. "I just couldn't stand to see the little guy in there. It felt awesome to get him out,” the owner of the excavating company said. The puppy was cold and hungry, but otherwise unharmed in the incident. — Watch it at YouTube and read it at the Detroit News

Democrats Plan to Protest Against Romney Outside Westminster Show

The people behind “Dogs Against Romney” really want to get the attention of animal lovers, so they're taking their message to the nation’s biggest dog show “to ensure pet lovers are aware that Mitt Romney is mean to dogs.” The group wants everyone to know the story of how the Republican presidential candidate drove to Canada in 1983 with his Irish Setter, Seamus, strapped to the roof of his station wagon while sitting in a crate. — Read it at ABC News

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FDA Warns Vets About Handheld Dental X-Ray Devices

The U.S. government alerted veterinarians to the fact that some handheld dental X-ray devices from foreign sources could expose both animals and vets to harmful X-rays — and they may not be effective. — Read it at DVM 360

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Adopt a Dog

The actress and her boyfriend rescued a Pit Bull-Boxer mix named Sophie. Aniston, who lost her beloved Welsh Corgi-terrier mix last year, told GQ that the dog-loving couple keeps the ashes from three dogs on their mantel. “It’s kind of morbid,” she said. — Read it at People Pets

Sweet Valentine’s Day Treats

It’s time for a little love. Check out adorable photos of dogs and cats dressed up in Valentine's Day finery from People Pets, as well as a collection of cute videos of animals kissing people (and each other) from the Huffington Post.

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