Pet Scoop: Tiny the Fat Cat Gets Adopted, Man Fights to Legalize Ferret Ownership

Jan. 15, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Famous Feline Finds a Home

Tiny, the now-notorious fat cat who appeared on the steps of a New Brunswick animal shelter and went on a year-long weight-loss journey, was adopted by his foster mother on Saturday. The cat's attempt to drop the pounds garnered international attention, raising awareness for pet obesity, as well as raising thousands of dollars for the Fredericton SPCA in Canada. Tiny will continue his work as an ambassador for the SPCA — now from his loving home. — Read it at Yahoo News

Dog Reunited With Owner After Five Months

When Lucky the Pomeranian snuck out of his gate in early August last year, his owner Marlene Bolivar wasn't too worried. The dog, who was tagged and microchipped, always came back. Except this time it took him five months to do so. Bolivar had all but given up hope when an animal control officer in Sacramento — more than 350 miles away from where Bolivar lives in Los Angeles — called to say they had found Lucky. "He must have hitched a ride with somebody," says Bolivar. "For being gone for five months, he’s in pretty good shape." — Read it at ABC News

Don't Flush That Fish!

Ecology experts in California are growing concerned about the non-native fish species being introduced to the state's waters due to aquarium owners dumping or flushing unwanted fish. A survey out of Texas found that as many as 69 percent of people who keep fish as pets admit to dumping. "When these species are released, they can do some major ecological harm," says Sue Williams, evolution and ecology professor at The University of California, Davis. For example, killer algae infected two lagoons in California in 2000, costing more than $6 million to eradicate. — Read it at Yahoo News

Scooter Gets Her First Assignment

Remember this Pit Bull whose owner used her as a "weapon" to mug people? Well, Scooter is now officially a therapy dog, and was adopted by Kris Beattie. Beattie helped her new pet get her predictable certificate — what every therapy dog and handler needs to be able to go into predictable environments like schools and hospitals. In early December, the pair had their first assignment at a local hospital in Oregon. "Scooter is a big hit with the staff and security people!" Kris says. — Read it at Born Again Pit Bull Rescue

California Man Rallies to "Free the Ferrets"

For 25 years, Pat Wright has been working tirelessly to get his home state of California to lift its ban against keeping ferrets as pets. Now he's ready to take his cause to the top. On, Wright — who owns three ferrets — is hoping to gather more than 25,000 signatures in 30 days so he can petition the White House to look into the issue. "It really bothers me when rights are abused," he told the Los Angeles Times. "[The ferret ban] is a symptom of the disempowerment of the average person in California." Hawaii is the only other state where ferret ownership is illegal. — Read it at LA Times

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