Pet Scoop: Tom Brady Reenacts “Lion King” With New Pup, Dog Falls Into Lake Superior

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Tom Brady paid homage to the Lion King while introducing his new rescue puppy, Fluffy.
Tom Brady paid homage to the Lion King while introducing his new rescue puppy, Fluffy.

Brady Family Adopts Fluffy Puppy

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has a new member of his pride, whom he introduced in a reenactment of The Lion King’s Circle of Life in a video posted on Facebook Thursday. The video’s caption reads “Everything the light touches, Fluffy,” which is another reference to the classic animated Disney movie in which Simba’s dad introduces him to the land he’ll be king of one day. Brady’s other two dogs, Lua and Scooby, are by the king’s feet in the video, which had more than 1.8 million views by Friday morning. The quarterback’s wife, model Gisele Bündchen, also took to social media to show off little Fluffy. “Thank you @wagsandwalks for all you do and for letting us rescue this little angel,” she writes in the caption of an Instagram photo of the adorable puppy. “The kids are over the moon with our new family member. Fluffy is pure joy!” — Watch it at NESN

SeaWorld Admits Employees Posed as Animal Activists

Embattled amusement park operator SeaWorld admitted Thursday to having employees pose as animal rights activists to spy on their critics, and said it would end the practice. Last year, PETA accused SeaWorld San Diego worker Paul McComb of spying on anti-SeaWorld protests. SeaWorld CEO Joel Manby said McComb has been transferred to another department. The admission comes a week after a shakeup of SeaWorld’s executives. "SeaWorld's latest report confirms not only that the company has employed more than one spy to infiltrate and agitate at PETA but also that it values its spies more highly than the executives," PETA said Thursday in a statement. — Read it at USA Today

Study Reveals How Cuckoos Disguise Their Eggs

For years, scientists have puzzled over how female cuckoo birds can invade the nests of other species and lay eggs that look like they really belong there. Now, a new study reveals one piece of the puzzle: the gene that causes cuckoos to lay blue eggs is determined by the mother alone. The male cuckoo’s genes could mess up the disguise because the egg color wouldn’t mimic the host bird’s eggs, researchers said. But, their method isn’t foolproof. “There is a continuously ongoing arms race between cuckoos and their hosts,” said lead study author Frode Fossøy, a research scientist at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. “As cuckoo eggs evolve to be more like the hosts’ eggs, the hosts themselves become better and better at recognizing and ejecting cuckoo eggs from their nests.” The study was published in the journal Nature Communications. — Read it at Discovery News

A woman and her dog were rescued from the frigid waters of Lake Superior on Wednesday.
A woman and her dog were rescued from the frigid waters of Lake Superior on Wednesday.

Woman, Dog Saved From Lake

Firefighters in Duluth, Minnesota, came to the rescue of a dog and the woman who fell into the frigid waters of Lake Superior trying to save him on Wednesday afternoon. The fire department said the woman was walking her dog when the dog fell off a ledge of ice into the Great Lake. She went in to rescue the dog and got stuck herself, in water that was about four feet deep. A passerby called for assistance and was trying to help her when firefighters arrived. The woman changed into dry clothes from her car and was warmed up in a rescue vehicle. The dog, meanwhile, was out of the water by the time the crew arrived. The Duluth Police Department thanked the passerby, Kirk, for being in “the right place at the right time to save this individual’s life.”— Read it at Minnesota’s KQDS and get ice safety tips

Cat Wanders Into Tennis Match

A wayward feline wandered onto the court at the Qatar Open on Wednesday, interrupting the tennis match as it checked things out. The curious cat had been seen sniffing around the seats in the stands before it decided to get into the action. But when two ball boys attempted to escort the cat off the court, it quickly trotted off and didn’t return for another match. It’s far from the first time a stray kitty has interrupted a sporting event — and we’re confident it won’t be the last. — Watch it at People Pets


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