Pet Scoop: Trapped Puppy Rescued From 50-Foot Well, Katy Perry Gets Custom Pup PJs

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Fresno, California, firefighters rescued a "little troublemaker" from an old well Tuesday.
Fresno, California, firefighters rescued a "little troublemaker" from an old well Tuesday.

Firefighters Save “Troublemaker”

A 6-week-old German Shepherd mix puppy is safe and sound after Fresno, California, firefighters rescued him from an old 50-foot well outside his home Tuesday afternoon. His owners called for help when they heard Timmy’s cries from inside the well, which had a narrow 8-inch opening. They lowered a rope down the shaft and after several attempts, they were able to loop it around the pup to pull him out. “Little troublemaker,” teased one of the firefighters after he pulled Timmy to safety. Timmy is recovering, and the well has been sealed. — Read it at ABC 7 Los Angeles

Dog Who Survived Harsh Winter Reunited With Owner

A year ago, Frankie ran off when she was spooked by a loud noise while her owner’s friend was caring for her in Massachusetts. Owner Sharrie Covell searched all over for Frankie, who was last spotted on a trail camera in June. Last week, a woman in Newburyport, Massachusetts, called animal groups to report there was a dog living on her property that animal control hadn’t been able to catch. Frankie was finally captured in a trap Sunday morning. She had lost 40 pounds, had a broken tooth and suffered from tick-borne illness but is recovering. “All in all, she is in amazing shape for a dog who had to fend for herself through one of the worst winters on record,” said Missing Dogs Massachusetts. Frankie was reunited with her grateful owner Tuesday. — Read it at CBS Boston

Spotted Owl May Be Listed as Endangered

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said Wednesday it would review whether the northern spotted owl should be considered endangered. The owl has been listed as threatened since 1990, after a battle between conservation groups and the timber industry, which wanted to continue to log in the birds’ habitat. But the owls’ population has continued to decline despite logging restrictions. The FWS estimates there are fewer than 10,000 of them left, while conservationists say there are fewer than 4,000. They are also threatened by the population growth of the larger and more aggressive barred owl. — Read it at Reuters via Yahoo

Singer Katy Perry showed off her custom pajamas — and her puppy — on Instragram.
Singer Katy Perry showed off her custom pajamas — and her puppy — on Instragram.

Katy Perry Wears Custom Pup PJs

The singer debuted her pink pajamas printed with images of her dog Butters’ face all over them on Instagram Tuesday. “CUSTOM PUPPY PJ GAME STRONG (by @jwujek),” she wrote in the caption. It appeared to be a shout out to E! Style's costume designer and fashion stylist Johnny Wujek, who’s believed to have designed Perry’s adorable pajamas. Perry, 30, brought the mixed breed dog home about a year ago and has said Butters goes everywhere with her. She also has a cat at home named Kitty Purry. — Read it at the U.K.’s Daily Mail

Bobcat Caught Fishing in Dramatic Photo

A bystander witnessed a bobcat dragging a shark out of the water in Vero Beach, Florida, Monday — and caught the rare scene on camera. The photo was so unusual that it had some people questioning its authenticity, but experts say they believe it’s real. A spokeswoman for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says this was the first time they’d seen a bobcat fishing in saltwater, but it’s not that surprising for the predators. — See it at National Geographic


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