Pet Scoop: Two Cats Have a Combined 54 Toes, San Fran Cracks Down on Dog Walkers

January 12, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Fred and Ned, polydactyl cats
Courtesy Cats Protection
Fred and Ned, the multi-toed kittens.

Kittens With Extra Toes Find a New Home in England

Fred and Ned have big paws to grow into — the 4-month-old polydactyl kittens, who live in the U.K., have 54 toes between them. Ned was born with eight extra toes, and his brother Fred has 10 bonus digits. “Fred and Ned are thriving,” said Kate Stapleford of Cats Protection. “They are wonderful, confident kittens and we are delighted that they have found a new home together.” — Read it at Cats Protection

So There Was This Woman and a Kangaroo in Oklahoma . . .

Christie Carr says that she and her pet kangaroo, Irwin, are packing up and moving out of Broken Arrow, Okla., because city workers told her that they would take her pet or issue a fine for violating a local exotic animal ordinance. The city denies threatening Carr, saying she failed to turn in paperwork that would have given her an exemption, allowing her to stay in town with Irwin. — Read it at Today

San Francisco Lays Down the Law for Dog Walkers

Officials in San Francisco approved new regulations for dog walkers, limiting the number of pups a walker can handle at any given time to eight. The legislation also forces dog walkers to have proper permits and training. — Read it at ABC News

World’s Smallest Vertebrate Unveiled

A frog from New Guinea beat out a fish to snag the title of world’s smallest vertebrate species. The croaker is about three-tenths of an inch long and can perch on a dime. — Watch it at the Associated Press via USA Today

Dogs at the Root of Many Family Spats

Should the dog be allowed to sleep in the bed? Whose turn is it to clean up the mess in the yard? And take him for a walk in the rain? As much as we love them, caring for a dog is a lot of work, and a new U.K. study has found that canines cause three family arguments per week. — Read it at the Telegraph

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