Pet Scoop: Two Cats’ Lives Saved by One's Kidney Surgery, More Dog Food Recalled

December 14, 2011: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Advanced Animal Nutrition Dog Food Recalled

Several Dog Power Dog Food products manufactured by Advanced Animal Nutrition and distributed throughout Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana are the latest to be recalled due to high levels of the mold byproduct aflatoxin. The action follows last week’s recalls of Iams dry dog food and two types of dog food made by Cargill for the same reason. — Read it at DVM360

Cat kidney transplant
Cadbury the cat, left, gave a kidney to Opie, right.

One Cat’s Kidney Surgery Saves Two Lives

When Opie, a 12-year-old Siamese cat in Memphis, Tenn., needed a kidney transplant to survive, he and his owner quickly boarded a plane to get to the University of Pennsylvania, where the cat could have the surgery he needed. In exchange for a healthy kidney, Opie’s owner agreed to adopt Cadbury, a cat who was slated to be euthanized at a Philadelphia animal shelter. Now Opie has a new kidney as well as a new friend. — WMCTV

Animal Activists Try to Prevent Pet Store Puppy Sales

How much is that doggie in the window? Animal activists don’t want you to ask. With more puppies sold at pet stores during the holiday season than at any other time of the year, animal welfare groups are taking action to try to stop people from buying pets from these stores by organizing boycotts and encouraging pet adoption from shelters as an alternative. The groups say the puppies sold at pet stores often come from puppy mills. — Read it at Fox News

Penguin pair
The Toronto Star

Same-Sex Penguin Pair Separated for Mating

After weeks of news coverage, the Toronto Zoo said it has officially separated Buddy and Pedro, the zoo’s African penguins. The two males are being encouraged to mate for the sake of their species, which is endangered. Buddy has successfully mated with a female, yet Pedro has tried but hasn’t succeeded yet. The zoo has said that the pair will be reunited once mating season is over. — Read it at Today

Elephant Seal Travels 18,000 Miles in a Year

The movements of a young male seal tagged by conservationists on a beach in Chile were tracked for a year. The researchers followed Jackson as he swam 18,000 miles – the equivalent of going from New York to Sydney, Australia, and back again. -- Read it at Science Daily

Dog Survives Four-Story Fall From Roof

A Shiba Inu who fell 50 feet from a rooftop garden in Manhattan somehow survived, and without even breaking any bones. Kai’s owner believes the 2-year-old dog thought there was another rooftop to jump onto, but instead there was a drop. After a three-night stay in an intensive care unit, Kai is now back home and recovering. — Read it at the New York Post

Cyclops Pig With Two Snouts Born in China

All the better to smell you with? An odd-looking piglet with one eye in the middle of his head and two snouts was born on a farm in China’s Fujian Province. The fifth in his litter, he has yet to been given a name. — See a photo at the Huffington Post

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