Pet Scoop: Two New Breeds Join the AKC, “Lassie” Leads Police to Dog in Trouble

Jan. 6, 2016: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

AKC new breeds Sloughi and American Hairless Terrier
American Kennel Club
The AKC has now recognized the Sloughi, left, and the American Hairless Terrier.

Two Breeds Join the AKC Pack

The American Kennel Club has announced two new breeds that will get its full recognition: the American Hairless Terrier and Sloughi. The move brings the total number of AKC dog breeds to 189. The small- to medium-sized American Hairless Terrier joins the Terrier group. The breed is described as energetic, alert, curious and intelligent. Despite its name, it also comes in a coated variety. The medium-sized, smooth-coated Sloughi is an ancient hunting breed who joins the Hound group. The athletic sighthound is known for its speed, agility and endurance. “Both breeds make wonderful companions for the right family,” said AKC spokeswoman Gina DiNardo. To be recognized by the AKC, breeds need to have several hundred of the dogs registered nationwide. — Read it from the AP via CBS News

Pet Stamps to Debut in 2016

The U.S. Postal Service will be issuing a booklet of 20 different Forever pet stamps this year. The stamps feature photos of popular pets including puppies, kittens, fish, horses, geckos, hamsters, parrots and more, each set against a white background. The images were shot by photographer Eric Isselée. “The goal was to capture the essence of each animal,” said art director Derry Noyes. “There’s no need for special effects. The animals speak for themselves. I love the variety of shapes, colors, textures, and facial expressions.” The USPS hasn’t yet announced when the stamps will be available. — See more 2016 stamps from the USPS

Wayward Elephant Seal Gives Birth

Tolay, the elephant seal who made national headlines when she stubbornly kept trying to cross Highway 37 in Sonoma, California, last week, had her pup on Saturday. The 900-pound seal was moved to the Point Reyes National Seashore on Dec. 29 after efforts by the police and wildlife rescue teams to keep her out of the roadway failed. She was named for the inlet where she was found. The Point Reyes National Park Service posted a photo of mom and pup on Instagram Sunday. — See photo at SF Gate

Dog rescued in Orange, Massachusetts
A dog in Massachusetts is being called "Lassie" after he led authorities to his trapped friend.

“Lassie” Gets Help for a Friend

A dog in Massachusetts is being credited with saving his pal from a dangerous situation. On Tuesday morning, an owner of two Terriers needed medical attention and had to be transported to the hospital. Her two dogs were outside when crews arrived, and ran off down the road. A few hours later, a police officer drove through the neighborhood, hoping to spot the dogs. That’s when one of them ran up to him, barking. “The dog insisted that the officer follow him through a field to an embankment,” the police department wrote in a post on Facebook. Officer Bisceglia saw that the second dog had slid on the ice and fallen about 30 feet to the bottom, where he was wedged under some overgrowth. The officer called the fire department for help, and Firefighter Hopkins reached the dog with a ladder that he extended down the embankment. He carried the trapped dog up to safety, and both dogs were checked out by a veterinarian. “Apparently, any dog in the right circumstance can turn into ‘Lassie!’” the police department said. — Read it from the Orange, Massachusetts, Police Department via Facebook

Sheila the Sheep Shorn for First Time in Six Years

A sheep who went missing from a farm in Tasmanian in 2010 was found by rescuers on a roadside. Sheila was covered in so much fleece that she was unable to move, and the rescuers weren’t sure she was alive — until she winked. She was brought back to the barn and shorn. “She had a lot of vegetal matter in there — gum nuts, sticks, bark and that sort of stuff,” said sheerer John Alomes. Sheila’s fleece weighed about 46 pounds, which is about half of a record set by Chris the sheep in Australia last year. — Watch it at NBC News


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