Pet Scoop: U.K.’s “Loneliest Dog” Gets a Home, Cyrus Adopts Beagle Saved From Lab

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Freya got to go home with a new family Tuesday after spending all of her six years in a shelter.
Freya got to go home with a new family Tuesday after spending all of her six years in a shelter.

Movie Star Shelter Pup Adopted

She had spent all of her 6 years in a shelter. But finally, Freya’s day came on Tuesday, when she went to her forever home in England with new owners Ray and Jackie Collins. Freya has epilepsy and was named Britain’s “loneliest dog” by a local newspaper this year. That’s when director Michael Bay heard about her, and decided to “make her famous” by giving her a role in his movie, Transformers. After her appearance, Freshfields Animal Rescue was “inundated” with offers to adopt the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. The dog was slowly introduced to her new home and the Collins’ two other rescue dogs, and she moved in yesterday. The director who helped her couldn’t be happier. Bay said he was “delighted to hear that Freya has a loving home.” — Read it from the U.K.’s BBC News

Snow Leopards May Be More Common Than Thought

A comprehensive new book on the elusive snow leopard finds that the big cats may be more common than scientists previously believed. New estimates from areas covering 44 percent of the cats’ range suggests there may be between 4,678 and 8,745 snow leopards just in those areas. That’s higher than the previous estimates of 3,920 and 7,500 for their entire range. Despite this optimistic news, snow leopards still face threats including poaching for their fur, retaliation for preying on livestock and a decline in wild prey due to overhunting. “While it is great news to discover that there are more snow leopards than we thought, there is also a good chance that this situation might not last,” said Dale Miquelle of the Wildlife Conservation Society. The new book, titled Snow Leopards, was published by Elsevier Press. — Read it at

Florida Man Charged With Taking Sea Turtle Eggs

Glenn Shaw, 49, of Tequesta, Florida, was arrested and charged Friday night after wildlife officials said they saw him taking eggs laid by a loggerhead sea turtle on Jupiter Island. Florida Fish and Wildlife officers said they found 107 loggerhead eggs in Shaw’s possession. Fifteen of them were kept as evidence for DNA testing and the other 92 eggs were re-buried on the beach in the hopes that they’ll hatch later this summer, the commission said. Shaw is charged with a third-degree felony for allegedly violating the marine turtle protection act. Loggerhead sea turtles are listed as endangered. Taking and possessing their eggs is punishable by up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine. — Read it at NBC News

The Beagle Freedom Project shared this photo of Barbie and her new mom, Miley Cyrus, over the weekend.
The Beagle Freedom Project shared this photo of Barbie and her new mom, Miley Cyrus, over the weekend.

Cyrus Shows Off Rescued Beagle

The singer and actress added a new dog to her home over the long weekend: Barbie the Beagle. Miley Cyrus shared a photo of her new pup on Instagram on Saturday with the caption, “Happy to introduce the newest member of my family Barbie @beaglefreedom #stopanimaltesting #donttestonbeagles.” Beagles are the dog breed most commonly used in laboratory testing. Cyrus adopted Barbie from the Beagle Freedom Project, which saves the dogs from lab testing. Cyrus continued to post more photos of Barbie over the holiday weekend, including one where she was wearing a patriotic shirt for the 4th of July — and she advocated for the rescue group’s cause, posting a photo of products she said were tested on animals. — See photos at Today

Dog Becomes Surrogate to Kitten

At just 8 days old, a tiny kitten named Sandy found the right doorstep to sit on when she needed help. Nic Richelle brought the kitten inside, and her Pit Bull, Nikki, took over from there. The maternal dog instantly became Sandy’s surrogate mom. Richelle said the dog was going through a false pregnancy, and lay right down to nurse the kitten. “It's teamwork,” Richelle said of caring for Sandy alongside Nikki.“She feeds the kitten and cleans her and I help her with everything else.” Richelle couldn’t bear to break the sweet bond between the two, so she’s made Sandy a permanent part of their home. — Read it at People Pets


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