Pet Scoop: Video of Girl’s Reunion With Puppy Melts Hearts, Judge Adopts Blind Pug

June 17, 2015: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Eight-year-old Lexie Taylor had a surprise reunion with her stolen puppy, Caramel.
Eight-year-old Lexie Taylor had a surprise reunion with her stolen puppy, Caramel.

Girl Reunited With Stolen Puppy

Days after her 8th birthday, Lexie Taylor got the perfect gift: her stolen puppy was returned to her family. Caramel, a 10-week-old Chihuahua mix, was taken from her home in Essex, England, during a burglary June 3. Lexie suffers from juvenile arthritis, and her mom, Tracy, said the puppy motivates her to move and exercise. Luckily, a woman who had the puppy saw a report about the situation on Sky News. She said she’d bought the dog for her children without knowing she had been stolen and returned Caramel to the Taylor family. Lexie’s mom surprised her with her dog in a sweet moment caught on video Monday. “Can you believe it?” exclaimed Tracy Taylor as Lexie hugged Caramel. “Some people had her and they didn’t realize she was yours, so now she’s back. How lovely is that?” — Watch it at the U.K.’s Sky News

U.S. Ready to Declare Eastern Cougar Extinct

Although there have been recent sightings of cougars in the Northeast, wildlife biologists believe the animals who were spotted were actually migrating western mountain lions, Florida panthers or captive animals that were released into the wild. On Tuesday, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposed removing the eastern cougar from the endangered species list, and declaring that it has likely been extinct for 70 years. The species has been listed as endangered since 1973. Eastern cougars were killed off in the 1800s by European settlers who were trying to protect themselves and their livestock. — Read it from AP via Yahoo

Video Shows Rare Porpoise in the Wild

Peter Hofmann, a boater in Denmark, recently recorded footage of an elusive white harbor porpoise in the Baltic Sea and shared it with the Whale and Dolphin Conservation group. The WDC said the creature has only been spotted 15 times in the last 100 years. In the video, the normally shy porpoise swims for a while close to the boat, providing a great view. "White harbor porpoises are very rare, so every sighting is a major event," Fabian Ritter, a marine biologist with the WDC, said in a statement last week. — Watch it at CNET

Sabrina Johnson, a district court judge in Michigan, adopted Mikey, a blind Pug.
Sabrina Johnson, a district court judge in Michigan, adopted Mikey, a blind Pug.

Michigan Judge Adopts Blind Pug

Here’s an adoption story that’s sure to make you smile. Mikey, a special-needs Pug, has quickly adjusted to life with Sabrina Johnson, a district court judge in Michigan. It’s a happy ending after a tough start for Mikey. When he was surrendered to the Michigan Humane Society last year, he was suffering from severe glaucoma that left him blind and caused him extreme pain. Veterinarians there decided the best course of action was to remove his eyes, and he was soon happy and healthy. On March 20, Johnson adopted him through Michigan Pug Rescue, a partner of the shelter. “No one knows he’s blind until I tell them,” Johnson says in a new video about Mikey’s adoption. He often visits the courthouse with her, and has become a favorite of the police officers who work there. “He really has taught me how to live life … he brightens everyone’s day, he really does.” — Read it and watch it at the Michigan Humane Society

Koala Joey Back in Mom’s Arms

There’s good news for the baby koala who wouldn’t leave his mom’s side during her surgery last week. Their story went viral after the Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Hospital released adorable photos 6-month-old Phantom clinging to mom Lizzy’s back while she had a procedure on a collapsed lung. She was injured when she was struck by a car in Brisbane. On Tuesday, the hospital posted a photo on Facebook of the pair back in a tree — this time with mom cuddling baby. “Lizzy’s condition is improving every day and Phantom is putting on weight, which is a great sign for the health of both mother and baby,” read the post. — Read it at ABC News


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