Pet Scoop: Worker Rushes to Save Puppy on Highway, Red Panda Turns Sweet 16

Jan. 29, 2016: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Dottie was rescued from a busy highway by an Arizona Department of Transportation worker.
Dottie was rescued from a busy highway by an Arizona Department of Transportation worker.

Lost Pup Takes Cover on Median

Workers at the Arizona Department of Transportation were watching cameras trained on a busy highway Monday night when they saw a white puppy dart across the road and climb up on top of a median wall. One of the workers quickly went to the scene on State Route 51 and picked the puppy up, bringing her to safety. She stayed overnight with ADOT traffic operatorJayson Winter, and the agency has been trying to find her owners. "We just didn't want the dog to be in a cage in someshelter. That's stressful on the dog,"said ADOT spokesman Tom Herrmann. For now, the puppy, who’s been named Dottie, is staying with another ADOT worker — and Winter says there are several others who are willing to adopt her if her owner doesn’t step forward. — Read it at Arizona Central

Cute Baby Orca Caught on Video

Scientists with the NOAA Fisheries captured a video of an adorable killer whale calf swimming with its pod in Puget Sound, off the coast of Seattle, this month. The baby was identified as a member of the J-pod, and is named J55. They said the calf appeared to be “robust and acting normally.” That’s good news for the endangered population, which has seen a bit of a baby boom recently. — Watch it at USA Today

Man Hears Cat Stuck in Pipe

Despite the noisy environment at a cattle auction site in Michigan, one man was able to hear a strange noise coming from a drainpipe. When Kendall Tobias took a closer look, he realized a cat was stuck in the pipe. Bubbles had apparently climbed through 80 feet of pipe but then got her head stuck in a small opening in the drain cover. They helped to free her and took her to a veterinarian. Bubbles was treated for scrapes and swollen eyelids, but she will recover. — Read it at ABC 7 Chicago

Chori the red panda got a delicious fruit and bamboo cake for her 16th birthday.
Chori the red panda got a delicious fruit and bamboo cake for her 16th birthday.

Red Panda Primps for Video

Like many teenagers, Chori spent a lot of time making sure she looked good for the cameras before she was ready to celebrate her Sweet 16. The red panda, who’s now lived nearly twice the average life span of most of her species, was feted with a custom birthday cake at the Symbio Wildlife Park in Australia this week — and the zoo shared a cute video of her receiving her cake on Facebook. “To celebrate the magic milestone in every girls life, zoo keeper Ash Clarke made a delicious cake consisting of all her favourite fruit and decorated with the freshest of bamboo shoots,” the zoo wrote in the post. But Clarke reveals that the diva was in no rush to get to her party. “[She’s] always spending a good five to ten minutes grooming herself before coming down the tree, even for a cake as delicious looking at this,” Clarke told Australia’s 9 News. — Watch it at Time

Did Amy Schumer Get a Puppy?

Actress Amy Schumer, the star of Comedy Central’s “Inside Amy Schumer,” has left her fans guessing about whether she and her new beau, Ben Hanisch, have adopted a puppy together. Schumer recently revealed her relationship with Hanisch, and on Thursday, she shared a photo on Instagram of the two with a cute dog and the caption “It’s a girl.” The post now has lots of fans wondering whether the pair’s relationship has moved to the stage of getting a dog together. — Read it at ABC News


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