Pet Scoop: World's Tiniest Pup Gets a Big Job, Reporter Reunites Tornado Survivor and Dog

April 6, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Beyonce the puppy, 1 month old
Beyoncé will now be an ambassador for rescue dogs.

Pint-Sized Puppy With Guinness Record Dreams Named Ambassador

In the two weeks since we told you about Beyoncé, the rescued Dachshund mix has been living up to her celebrity name. The canine starlet earned the title of the world’s smallest puppy from the World Record Academy, and after getting thousands of inquiries from people wanting to adopt the puppy, who fits on an iPhone, the Grace Foundation decided to keep Beyoncé as an ambassador for rescue dogs.

“We want everyone in the world to be able to continue to love her and watch her grow,” said the foundation’s executive director, Beth DeCaprio. “We're really encouraging people, if you love Beyoncé, go out to a shelter, rescue a dog.” — Read it at KCRA

Jury Awards $620,000 in Case of Maryland Dog Shot by Deputy

Brandi, a Labrador Retriever who’s now 9, was shot two years ago by a sheriff’s deputy who thought the dog was a threat when she ran out to greet him. The Frederick County sheriff said the officer involved “has felt bad about shooting the dog since day one,” an incident that was caught on the officer’s dashboard camera. Brandi survived the shooting, but she faces lifelong medical care. — Read it at the Washington Post

Tornado survivor is reunited with her puppy, Brownie.
A tornado survivor in Texas holds her puppy, Brownie.

Puppy Reunites With Texas Tornado Survivor on Camera

A local reporter who found a puppy in the aftermath of severe storms in Texas earlier this week took to social media to find his owner. The reunion was caught on camera, showing Brownie wagging his tail as his owner thanks the reporter. — Watch it at MSNBC

Fire Crew in the U.K. Revives Kitten

Firefighters in England used an oxygen mask to revive a 2-week-old kitten who was pulled from a burning house in Manchester. The crew named the cat Smoky, and “almost got into an argument over who could look after it.” Luckily, a neighbor offered to take in the kitty. — Read it at the BBC News

Friday Cute Critter Photo Fix

For an end-of-the-week treat, here are some can’t-miss photos, including an adorable baby bunny:

— An orphaned duckling has been adopted by a Lab named Fred. — See the photos at Discovery News

— Three river otters were born at the Oakland Zoo. — See the photos at Zooborns
— This 2.5-ounce bunny will hop right into your heart. — See the photo at the Huffington Post

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