Pets Confess What They're Really Thinking

Pet owners often love to divine what their cat or dog may really be thinking. (I myself always picture my older Dachshund kicking back in a smoking jacket, mulling over deep philosophical notions.) NYC-based comedian and artist Christopher Rozzi has decided to launch a business based off the concept — his Tiny Confessions collection of handcrafted prints portrays canines and felines expressing their innermost thoughts.

Take the Chinese Crested who acknowledges, “I have seen my own reflection and I do not understand.”

Or the black cat who admits, “I am concerned about my own unstable behavior.”

My personal favorite quote, which Rozzi can pair with any animal in his arsenal: “When I bark like crazy, I’m trying to tell you that you’re amazing.”

5x7 prints from $12, Tiny Confessions

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