Peyton Manning the Puppy Is Plucked From an Oil Drum in Georgia

Peyton Manning is getting a second chance. No, not that Peyton Manning.

A 4-month-old German Shepherd Dog mix named Peyton Manning is recovering after someone left him for dead in an old oil drum last month. According to CBS Atlanta, a passer-by heard whimpers and cries emanating from the drum, which turned out to be a puppy who was covered in trash and tar.

The medical director at LifeLine Animal Project in Avondale Estates, Ga., had to give the mucky pup three baths, but little Peyton Manning is now clean — and just about ready for adoption.

"Not only is this a lucky dog, and not only is this a talented dog, but he's a champ," LifeLine's Therra Gwyn told the station. "We call Peyton our trash to treasure dog."

Meet the resilient Peyton Manning in this video.


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