Photographer Seth Casteel's Underwater Dogs Make Waves in a New Book

Navigating New Waters

The special shoots involved a learning curve for Casteel as well.

“I've applied a lot of the techniques that I've learned while photographing dogs in action on land to the underwater series, but there are some variables that are new,” Casteel says. “The gear itself — what housing to use, lens and flash — and the water clarity is a huge factor. If the water isn't clear, the photos aren't clear.”

And that's not to mention figuring out how to light underwater shots, moving quickly under the water and avoiding getting jumped on by enthusiastic canine models.

The popularity of the striking images surprised the lensman, who volunteers his time photographing shelter animals. “I am shocked, actually!” he says. “I was just doing this for fun.”

Casteel is riding the wave of acclaim with good humor. When asked if he ever smells like a wet dog, he responds with “Of course! I'm actually launching a new cologne called Wet Dog — The New Fragrance for Men. Think it will sell?”


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