Pigeon of a Different Feather Born at U.K. Zoo

Victoria Crowned Pigeon Chick
Courtesy of the Colchester Zoo

While it doesn’t have the regal headdress like its mother yet, the Victoria Crowned Pigeon born last month at the Colchester Zoo in the U.K. certainly looks like a pigeon prince or princess in the making. The chick was first spotted on June 9 and zoo curator Clive Barwick was worried that the first-time mother would act like a typical Victoria Crowned Pigeon and accidentally kick her little one out of the nest. Thankfully, this mama pigeon didn’t live up to her species’ clumsy reputation.

The young pigeon's parents, Violet and Ozzy, will continute to take care of their baby until it is 13 weeks old. After that, the chick will be independent. Talk about a short childhood!

So where can you find these royal-looking fowl in the wild? Victoria Crowned Pigeons are native to Indonesia and Papua New Guinea and are one of the largest pigeons in the world. They eat fruits and seeds and live in lowland forests.


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