Pit Bull-Dachshund Mix Becomes Ambassador

Rami is one of a kind. Last month, after he was found in a backyard in rural Georgia, a picture of the unusual looking dog posted on the Moultrie-Colquitt County Humane Society’s Facebook page went viral. Although thousands of people have applied to adopt the Pit Bull-Dachshund mix, who has 4,000 followers on his own Facebook page, the shelter has decided to keep him as an ambassador. Rami will become a certified therapy dog who will raise awareness about adopting shelter pets. His celebrity status has already helped boost adoptions at the shelter. "Please be assured that I am being well taken care of and loved," Rami posted. "No more worries as a dog on the street, now I have food in my tummy, a warm cozy bed, and lots of friends and most important ... LOVE!!" — Read it at CNN

Post by Rami.

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