Planning to Adopt a Cat? Here's What to Consider Before You Do

When to Adopt — And When to Wait

If your life is unpredictable, or resources are slim, or other barriers stand in the way, sometimes it is best to wait to adopt a pet. I know how frustrating it can be when now isn’t the best time for a cat. I was desperately lonely for my own animal during my first two years of college, but I lived in housing where animals weren’t permitted. My solution was to volunteer at shelters to get in needed time with dogs and cats. They sustained me until I was in a living situation that made it possible for me to adopt my own pet.

Another option is to consider fostering a feline. Fostering is a great way to give back to a cat in need while also having a companion to share a home with. A college friend of mine planned on working overseas after graduation; she knew she could not make the long-term commitment to a pet, but she still wanted a cat. Her solution was to take in a foster cat on a short-term basis. She was paired with a feline who was overwhelmed with the shelter environment and needed a quieter home. Both my friend and the cat benefited from this temporary situation.

Careful planning is crucial to a successful adoption — even if this means delaying the adoption until later. Your cat will be with you for a lifetime; take the time to prepare before you bring him home.

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