Playful Cub X Entertains Visitors at U.K. Zoo

Cub X at Dudley Zoo
Tal Chohan / Dudley Zoo

An adorable snow leopard cub at a zoo in England is busy doing what cubs do best: playing and sleeping.

The baby, dubbed Cub X until keepers are able to determine its gender, was born to Nanga at the Dudley Zoo on May 2. The zoo’s staff says they’re delighted with the 4-year-old mom’s efforts to care for her little one.

"Nanga is a first-time mum so it's such a relief that they have bonded well,” said assistant curator Richard Brown. "You can see the baby developing every day, it's wonderful to watch, and already it seems quite a feisty little cub."

But feisty cubs can get tired out fast! A photographer at the zoo had to plan carefully to catch a picture of the cub while it was awake.

"The youngster's routine at the moment is to sleep for two hours, play for five minutes, sleep for two hours, then play for another five minutes, so I had to make sure I got there in time for those crucial five minutes!" said photographer Tal Chohan.

Snow leopards originate in Central Asia and are listed as endangered.


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