Playful Puffin Cookie Jar Is Guaranteed to Sweeten Up Your Kitchen

Credit: Anthropologie

Your favorite cookie just got a little sweeter. A delicious after-dinner treat tastes far better when it's housed in a suitably stylish jar, and this Floating Puffin Cookie Jar from Anthropologie definitely meets that mark.

Although the stoneware container is handpainted and looks exquisitely delicate, it's actually dishwasher safe. And, at more than nine inches tall, it's large enough to hold a very decent quantity of delicious, homemade delicacies.

The only real question: Do you bake up some chocolate chip cookies? Peanut butter? Oatmeal? Snickerdoodle? Maybe you should just make a few of each. You can always drop the leftovers off at the Crittr headquarters.

Floating Puffin Cookie Jar, $68 at Anthropologie.

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