Poodle Love Towel Makes Dish Duty Doable

Poodle towel from Anthropologie

When it comes to household chores, we have a comprehensive ranking system. Feed the dog, walk the dog, and play with the dog are all firmly at the top of the list. Vacuuming up dog hair and taking out the trash fall somewhere in the middle. Doing dishes? That's just about the last thing we want to spend our time on.

So, what we're trying to say is that anything that makes this particular chore a little more enjoyable is entirely welcome. Nicely scented dish soap is a bonus, and playing some fun music while we scrub helps. And this adorable Poodle Love Dishtowel makes drying, well, not exactly a delight, but it's at least slightly less dreary.

The Poodle Love Dishtowel is an Anthropologie exclusive by Poppy Treffey and features a sweet Poodle and heart sketch. It's machine washable and made of cotton, and we're pretty sure it's exactly what our kitchen needs.

Poodle Love Dishtowel, $22 at Anthropologie.

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