Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Loves Cats

Pope Benedict
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Pope Emeritus Benedict has always been a cat lover. And while he was able to watch the kitties who freely roam the streets in Vatican City and Castel Gandolfo, sadly he could not have a kitty because no pets are permitted to live in the papal residence in Vatican City.

On Feb. 11, Pope Benedict XVI made the stunning announcement that since he no longer had the emotional or physical strength to lead the Roman Catholic Church, he was resigning. While Pope Emeritus Benedict is waiting for a permanent residence to be made ready for him at Mater Ecclesiae, a former monastery inside Vatican City, he will be staying in Castel Gandolfo, where in the garden, kitties abound. Additionally, with lots of cats living in the vicinity of Mater Ecclesiae, Pope Emeritus Benedict will have many feline friends with whom to play.

Castel Gandolfo is a small town with a population of around 8,800. The town is located approximately 15 miles southeast of Rome and Lazio. The resort community is well known for being the summer residence and occasional vacation retreat for the pope.

Apparently there are several connections that link cats, Castel Gandolfo and Catholic popes. According to an item in USA Today, there exists a 1958 comic book titled The Cat From Castelgandolfo in the Catholic University’s archives. It features a story about a fictional cat who enjoyed the company of Pope Pius XI.

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