How I Deal Living With Three Incontinent Dogs

Bedding for Bed Wetters

A large number of afflicted dogs will only leak while sleeping, so good bedding is serious business — no one wants to go through three expensive orthopedic foam cushions a month.

Those large, padded diaper sheets can be great, but I’ve also found them to be a tad unreliable, especially for pets who circle before lying down. And covering a dog bed with a plastic bag has proven to be ineffective for me because my dogs either rip it or refuse to lie down on it.

Enter the SleePee-Time Bed, which is designed with comfy but porous fleece through which urine can pass and collect in a plastic tray, leaving a pet's body as dry as possible. One of my clients swears by it, but I’ve yet to try it on my own bedtime pee-ers. Stay tuned!

Must-Have Cleanup Supplies

I’m not a great cleaner, in general, but I do have two tricks up my sleeve when it comes to eliminating evidence of pee and poop, which only serves to beget more messes.

1. Buy a black light. Knowing where the urine is located is half the battle. And since urine lights up when you point a black light at it, getting an inexpensive black light wand is a great investment.

2. Stock up on enzymatic cleaners. By breaking down the proteins in urine and stool, you limit the area’s future reuse as a potty spot.

Behavior Modification

This post wouldn't be complete without offering a brief note on the subject of prevention and veterinary intervention, especially if inappropriate house soiling is occurring.

Behavior modification and the treatment of potential underlying diseases — this includes kidney disease, bladder stones, hormone-related incontinence and arthritis — must be a component of any multipronged approach to improving the quality of life for both you and your pet.

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