Pudding the Fox Is Too Friendly to Go Free

When Pudding the fox was found more than three years ago in Yorkshire, England, her rescuers planned to return her to the wild.

Rehabilitators at the National Fox Welfare Society wanted her to join a litter fox kits in their den. But the day before Pudding was set to meet the litter, a 200-foot tree fell, closing the den’s entrance, reported ABC News. The cubs weren’t hurt, but it took months to remove the tree.

The group’s founder, Mark Hemmington, fed the trapped cubs until they were ready to be out on their own, but Pudding, who’s named for Yorkshire Pudding, wasn’t able to join them. And despite other efforts to assimilate Pudding to the wild, it was determined that she’d become too domesticated to release.

"Pudding had no cubs to integrate with and bonded more with me," Hemmington told ABC.

Although Hemmington enjoys the company of the friendly fox, he doesn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea — foxes shouldn’t be kept as pets. “They are wild animals and that is where I believe they should be."

You can see more pictures of Pudding on the NFWS Facebook page.

Pudding the Fox
Pudding was rescued by the National Fox Welfare Society in England.


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