Pudgy Senior Cats: How to Get Them in Shape

How Important Is Daily Interaction for Senior Cats?

Dr. Buffington sees owners who lose interest in their older pets as they slow down, and then the animals stop coming to their owners for playtime. So when a kitty no longer brings a toy to you, it’s your turn to go to her.

Playtime with your cat helps her to stay younger mentally — and keeps her healthier physically. Even if you have a stubborn feline who doesn't want to engage, Dr. Buffington suggests keeping the physical bond intact through petting or brushing.

Dr. Cruz points out that chunky cats who have trouble reaching around their portly bellies to clean themselves really benefit from daily brushing to keep their fur mat-free and their skin healthy, until they slim down enough to groom themselves again.

“The most important toy is you. Interact with your cat,” says Dr. Cruz. “Try chasing her up and down the stairs or down the hallway — just keep the kitty’s paws active.”


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