Pug Does (Lots and Lots of) Tricks

Let's face it. This Pug is a show-off. While many pet dogs know how to shake hands, beg, roll over and speak on command, this guy's trick knowledge seems to know no limits.

By around a minute in, you might be tempted to stop watching.But you don't want to miss his leg waving at around 1:09. At 1:46, he shows he can cross and open his front legs as he's told. The crawling at about 2:13 is entertaining.

About halfway through, you might find yourself wondering how this owner has the time to work on all these tricks. But this pooch has a very eager look in his eyes. He shows his musical talents at 3:40. At 4:47, he pushes a doll stroller ... and if you make it to 5:04, you'll be rewarded with a skateboarding finale.

According to our Pug breed guide, "It’s important to keep him lean, fit and mentally challenged." This owner is certainly keeping up with that.


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