Pug to Run "Marathon" for Charity

After her owner Julia McGovern runs in today’s 119th Boston Marathon, Alice the Pug puppy plans to run a race of her own to raise money for the non-profit Pug Rescue of New England. “Big Al,” as she’s known, will run .262 miles on her little legs, in reference to a marathon’s 26.2 miles. McGovern, 24, recently moved to California, but until then, she’d lived in Hopkington, Massachusetts, which is home to the Boston Marathon’s starting line. Alice will do her run once she returns to California, and McGovern plans to share a video of the pup’s race. In the meantime, Alice is “training” — and has already surpassed her goal of raising $2,000 through her DreamFund page. — Read it at Today


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