Pumpkin the Endangered Monkey Gives Birth

Francois' langur Pumpkin cuddles with her newborn baby.
Lincoln Park Zoo
Francois' langur Pumpkin cuddles with her newborn baby.

Just in time for Halloween, Pumpkin the Francois’ langur has given birth to her own bright orange baby at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo. The infant is the fifth offspring for Pumpkin and the baby’s father, Cartman, and was born on Sept. 30. Keepers at the zoo don’t yet know the little one’s measurements or gender because it’s clinging tightly to the adult females. Francois’ langurs have orange fur until they’re about 3 to 6 months old, when they begin to turn the black color of the adults. Scientists think the bright color allows other monkeys in the community to identify the young so they can help with parenting. “Older sister Orla has already shown her support by alloparenting, a process in which the other female monkeys take turns carrying and providing care to the young,” said the zoo’s curator of primates, Maureen Leahy. The Francois’ langur is endangered due to habitat loss and hunting. — Read it from the Lincoln Park Zoo

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