Puppy Live Cams: Triple the Cuteness

Happy Hump Day! We're celebrating with a trio of puppy live cams (courtesy of The Pet Collective) to get you through the rest of the week.

Golden Retriever Puppies

First up is the Golden Retriever cam. This stream features 11 (yes, 11!) puppies born at the end of May to mother Bliss (who's from the Netherlands) and father Dublin (who hails from Ireland). The dogs don't have names yet, so their humans call them by their collar colors, i.e. Mr. Green, Ms. Purple and Ms. Yellow. Oh, and they do puppy aerobics every afternoon.

Miniature Schnauzer Puppies

Next, we have the irresistible Miniature Schnauzers. Just take one look at them cuddling on their ladybug pillow or playing with their big stuffed panda, and you'll agree that they have the coolest puppy playroom that has ever existed.

Fun fact: Each of the seven puppies has a music-related name. The boys are Alto, Legato, Opus and Allegro, and the girls are named Melody, Harmony and Symphony.

Japanese Akita Puppies

Last but not least, we're featuring a very adorable litter of Japanese Akita puppies (which are smaller than their cousins, the American Akita). The puppies' parents, Bijozakura and King Ghidora, are from Japan.

And are you hoping that these pups have awesome names, just like the other litters? Well, then you're in luck! The five Akitas, who were born the day after Memorial Day, are named for Civil War battles: Glorieta, Chattanooga, Corinth, Shiloh and Chantilly.


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