Puppy Rescued From Hot Car at MLB Stadium

Michael Warner and his family decided it was too hot to watch the Kansas City Royals wrap up their series against the Detroit Tigers on Sunday afternoon, so they decided to leave the game at Missouri’s Kauffman Stadium early. But while they were making their way through the parking lot, they heard a whimpering noise, and realized it was coming from an 8-week-old puppy who was waiting in a hot car with the windows cracked open. Warner and his family called 911 and flagged down Royals staff members. Then, Warner was able to fit his hand through the window and pull the hot puppy out. He handed the puppy over to a Royals employee, who took care of him overnight before handing him over to the KC Pet Project. Warner said he was glad he decided to leave the game early because it went into extra innings, which would have meant more time in the hot car for the pup. The shelter is waiting now to see if the puppy’s owner comes forward. If not, he will be available for adoption. — Read it at Kansas City’s Fox4KC


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