Puppy Rescued From Railroad Tracks

Little Finn was frightened and homeless when he was rescued from railroad tracks in Los Angeles by Hope for Paws. A new video shows his transformation into a happy, playful pup.

A Good Samaritan called Hope for Paws about the dog, telling the organization that he would run off anytime someone tried to get near him. So when rescuers arrived, they snuck up to Finn from behind and stealthy put a leash on him before slowly working to gain his trust.

According to the video’s subtitles, “This poor puppy had clearly been through a lot of trauma in his short life, which made him fearful of humans."

Fortunately, the story has a happy ending: The sweet rescue video shows how the puppy, who still had his baby teeth, would growl and bark when approached. But veteran rescuers Eldad Hagar and Lisa Chiarelli soon won him over with their patience and some careful, gentle pats.

When the pup was ready, Chiarelli picked him up. He quickly fell asleep in the safety of her arms — right before a train sped by. Chiarelli named him Finn.

He now has a great forever home, and you will love seeing how delighted he is about it!

Just a reminder: Approaching an abandoned, scared dog can be dangerous and is best left to professionals like the ones in this video. If you encounter a stray, call your local shelter or the ASPCA for help.


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