Puppy Saved From Trash Can Gets Adopted

An adorable 2-month-old Labrador Retriever mix puppy now has a happy new home after an animal control officer in Tennessee found her abandoned in an empty trash can outside the Springfield Animal Shelter last week. “When I looked in the trash can, she was inside, just looking up at me like, ‘Help me; save me,’” the officer, Zoraida Luna, told The Tennessean last week. “So, I picked her up and brought her in the shelter, gave her a bath and some food and water. She was really happy after that.” Then, Luna shared photos of the puppy on Facebook. Immediately, offers to adopt her started pouring in. By the next day, the puppy had a new family. The new owner posted a photo on the shelter’s Facebook page of the pup being held by a young girl who looked thrilled to have her. — See photos from Springfield Animal Control via Facebook


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