Quirky and Clever Products We Loved at Global Pet Expo 2013

Of all the things we love about attending Global Pet Expo, the industry's biggest annual trade show, our favorite is coming across products that amuse us by being unusual or surprisingly clever. Some are truly creative solutions to problems we all face, while others fill a need we didn't even know we had. Regardless, each item in this gallery is sure to make you smile.

What's Cool and Unusual at Global Pet

Pet Starz Shirts

Melanie Kramer, Vetstreet

Platinum Pets Pet Starz Shirts

These shirts might be ultra soft, but they rock ultra hard in both canine and human sizes, featuring seven funny and cute “Pet Starz” characters: King of Pup, I Pitty the Pup, Wrath of the Pup, I Kissed a Gurl Kitty, Born This Way Kitty, Doggy Style Pup and Teen Hearthrob Pup. Count us in.

Pet Starz Shirts are available in S, M, L, and XL online, $9.99 (dog) and $19.99 (human)


Allan Halprin, Vetstreet

OmegaPaw Meowtini

Along with the Cranberry Cabernet, the Meowtini is the perfect snack for your finicky feline. It is the companion to OmegaPaw's more masculine Brew Buddies Snacks. It becomes available next month.

OmegaPaw Meowtini, $4.99

Neigh Station


Fair Mare Products Neigh Station

From the company that brought us the Equine Scratcher, the Neigh Station activity center is much more than a cute toy. It helps curb unwanted behaviors that stalled horses develop.

Fair Mare Products Neigh Station, $89.99

Pride Bites

Caroline Golon, Vetstreet

Pride Bites Dog Toys

Your dog loves you, and he loves his toys. So why not turn yourself into his new favorite toy? Pride Bites offers customizable dog toys that can feature either a depiction of you or a picture of him with his name in three easy steps.

Pride Bites Custom Dog Toys are available online, $29.99


Melanie Kramer, Vetstreet

ZooQuariums, Modern Fish Tanks by The Refined Fin

Ever considered a fish tank in the kitchen? With these very stylish tanks, you’ll be thrilled to add your goldfish to any room of the house — no matter how upscale the décor. The tanks come in a variety of colors and animals, including elephant, whale, fish, cat, frog and even a heart shape. They aren’t available yet, but look for them in your local boutique soon.

ZooQuariums Frog and Fish, $24.99

Cuddle Chair

Allan Halprin, Vetstreet

Best Friends by Sheri Cuddle Chair

Casey, a 4-year-old rescue Maltipoo, lounges on this stylish Cuddle Chair, which is part of a new line of luxury home products from Best Friends by Sheri. The chair will be available online in May.

Best Friends by Sheri Cuddle Chair, $300

Pop Up Park

Prevue Pet Products Inc.

Prevue Pet Pop-Up Park

Pop-Up Park from Prevue Pet is an all-wood playground for small- to medium-sized birds that folds up into a convenient carrying case with a cotton rope. Your bird will dig the perches, rope, swing, bell and ladder, and you’ll appreciate the fact that the various angles and surfaces are designed to promote exercise and stimulation. All colors and finishes are 100 percent pet safe.

Pop-Up Park will be available in pet stores nationwide in the coming weeks, $39.99

Nano Pet Beds


Prima Dog Nano Pet Beds

Prima Dog Nano Pet Beds are as varied as they are clever. Coming in 13 designs including a shark, puppy, French snail and watermelon, you’ll find an unusual design to suit your (or your pet’s) particular style. Assuming that style is a little whimsical and entertaining, that is!

Nano Pet Beds, $80


Courtesy of PoogoStick


Tired of carrying a pocketful of plastic bags to the park to pick up poop? Or stooping over the litterbox every day? Try the hassle-free PoogoStick, a scooper that allows you to easily clean up your pet's mess, whether it's in the litterbox or in the backyard.

PoogoStick, $39.99

Cruising Critter Raceway


Marshall Pet Products Cruising Critter Raceway

The new Cruising Critter Raceway from Marshall Pet put a smile on our faces, so we can see why it’s designed for both stores to use for demonstrations and for family fun at home. We got to see it in action with two ferrets in a fierce race to the finish during the show, and while the race took only moments, that was long enough to draw a small crowd.

Cruising Critter Raceway will be available within the next two months at retailers, $29-$32

Stud Stopper

Courtesy of Stud Stopper

Stud Stopper

When Tina Moody's female dog went into heat for the first time, it caused "chaos" in her home of six dogs. So she asked her husband, a carpenter, to create a solution. His invention became the Stud Stopper, a male birth control tool made from vinyl with a stretch band that wraps around the waist. The product comes in five sizes, fitting dogs from 5 to 150 pounds.

Stud Stopper, $65-$75

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