Rabbit Plate Makes Every Dinner Hoppy

Anthropologie Rabbit Plate

In theory, dinnertime should be full of laughter and smiles and humorous stories as you and your family talk about your days.

But in reality, you woke up to cat puke, your daughter got sent to the principal's office for refusing to disect a frog (not that we can blame her), the dirty dog snuggled up in your freshly washed sheets as soon as you left the house and the only reason you're eating pizza is because you overcooked the casserole, which is a bummer because if it weren't burnt to a crisp, it would be delicious.

That's where having clever and whimsical dinnerware comes in so very, very handy. It's practically impossible to look down at this adorable rabbit plate from French designer Nathalie Lete without grinning. And you know what else will make you smile? The fact that it's microwave and dishwasher safe.

Rabbit Plate, $24 at anthropologie.

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