Rare Fur Seal Pup Born at New England Aquarium

A Northern fur seal pup sits with mom Ursula at the New England Aquarium.
New England Aquarium

She may be a new mom, but Ursula is a natural. The 14-year-old Northern fur seal was on her own when she successfully delivered her first pup late at night. Marine mammal trainers and veterinary staff at the New England Aquarium discovered Ursula in a corner of the seal holding area with her newborn after being called in just before midnight by an overnight engineer.

Once the team arrived, the 8- to 9-pound dark brown pup settled in to nurse with a little direction from mom. The staff was impressed with Ursula’s maternal instincts.

Later this summer, mother and baby will join the rest of the aquarium’s seal and sea lion colony, which includes other youngsters like Leu, a 1-year-old rescued fur seal and 2-year-old sea lions Zoe and Sierra. This is the first birth in the aquarium’s dedicated program for Northern fur seals.


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