Rare White Tiger Cubs Born in Czech Republic

Three white tiger cubs were born at Zoo Liberec in the Czech Republic.
Zoo Liberec

A trio of extraordinary (and extraordinarily adorable) white tiger cubs is on display at Zoo Liberec in the Czech Republic.

Born to 4-year-old mom Surya Bara in July, the cubs — one female and two males — are not Siberian tigers, but rather an extremely rare form of Bengal, or Indian, tiger, reports Discovery News.

The white tiger’s unusual coloring comes from a recessive gene that results in them being born semi-albino, according to Discovery. Their eyes retain some blue color, while their noses, mouths, eyelids and the pads of their paws are a pink color.

In the last century, only about a dozen have been spotted in the wild, according to the Daily Mail. That’s because they would be unlikely to survive outside of a zoo without the camouflage provided by their familiar orange coat and black stripes.

The zoo named the tigers in a ceremony over the weekend. The female was named Gaia, and her two brothers will be called Liam and Sambur.

During an exam last month, the two males weighed in at about 15 pounds, and their sister followed close behind, at 14 pounds. These cats have a lot of growing to do to reach the 500 pounds they might be once they’re full grown!

White tiger cub at Zoo Liberec
Zoo Liberec

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