Red Panda Twins Snuggle at Detroit Zoo

Red Panda Cubs at Detroit Zoo
Detroit Zoo

The Detroit Zoo is seeing red — and blue.

Twin male red pandas were born on June 27 to 8-year-old mom Ta-Shi and 4-year-old dad Shifu, who came to the zoo last year to be a breeding partner for Ta-Shi.

The twins are the couple’s first offspring together, but they mark the fifth time Ta-Shi has given birth in the last five years.

"Ta-Shi is an experienced and attentive mom and very protective of her babies," said Robert Lessnau, the zoo’s curator of mammals, in a statement. "We're thrilled to once again add to the captive population of this threatened species."

Native to Nepal, Myanmar and central China, red pandas are adept climbers who can be spotted hanging from tree branches.

The babies, who haven’t been named yet, are spending most of their days in their nest box, but can sometimes be seen in their wooded habitat at the zoo.


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