Reporter Tracks Down Dog in Wildfire Evacuation Zone

Reporter finds missing dog

An Associated Press reporter facilitated an emotional reunion between a black Labrador Retriever and her displaced owner last week. The reporter, Brian Skoloff, met Lawrence Ross, 76, at a shelter for residents who’d been evacuated from Middletown, California, because of the massive wildfires there. Ross fought back tears as he told Skoloff how worried he was about his dog, Thumper. Skoloff asked Ross to show him where his house was on a map, and promised to go look for Thumper when he went back into the evacuated area to scout for more stories. Skoloff said Ross’ house was somehow unscathed by the fire. The reporter walked the property for more than an hour, fearing the worst, until he found Thumper in a crawlspace. “She leaped into my lap, licked my face, then rolled over on her back as I rubbed her belly and I cried,” Skoloff wrote. He put Thumper in his car and called Ross to tell him his dog was safe while he was on the way back to the shelter. Thumper sprang from the car, her whole body wiggling with joy, when she saw her very grateful owner. — Read it from the AP via Newsday


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